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About Aviation-Design.net
Aviation-Design.net is a web-site for everyone with an interest in Airliners.

It is a non-profit site driven by interest.
Incomes or donations are needed for upgrades and maintenance of the servers.

We are currently five persons working with the site.
None of us gets paid for the work.

The crew corrently consists of:

Henrik Söderberg
System Administrator

Tom Richards - Jaspike
United Kingdom

Derek Hiroshima - L.1011

Patrick Stewart - N776AU
United States

Trevor de Verteuil - Orca333

All photos are copyrighted by the designer and/or photographer. They can not be used without proper permission!

If you would like to buy a photo, all money will go to the designer.

If you are concerned about how we handle the information on this site, and how we protect our users you can read our general privacy policy that applies to all content at CarDatabase.net.

If you for any reason would like to report errors us or send your suggestions, please do that by using our contact form.

Henrik Soderberg
Founder & President

Copyright Henrik Soderberg, 2002