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First Time in First! SEA-SLC-LAX on DL w/pics

Posted by bluewhale 
First Time in First! SEA-SLC-LAX on DL w/pics
December 21, 2012 06:54AM
I’ve decided to write this trip report in particular because it is winter break and I do have some time on my hands. Working at Delta over the summer, I get non-rev flight benefits that I can use anytime to go anywhere. These benefits vary widely because sometimes I can get a seat in first class, while other times my seniority makes it so I can’t even get anywhere close to getting any spot on any flight out. It’s a great job and the only reason why I’m not working now is because it is extremely cold working out there all the time and I do not want to buy a whole new work wardrobe to work for three weeks.

I took this trip almost exactly a year ago, and the reason why I picked this one is because it was my first experience in F! In the past two years, I have non-reved to other places like ONT, LAS, HNL, KIX, DTW, and ORD, plus several other LAX trips, but this trip was extra special. If I have spare time later on, I could write reports on those trips, just request which one (or ones) you want to hear about!

I took this trip because I wanted to visit my brother down in Southern California during break. Historically, we always saw him during Christmas time before he was out of college, but now work calls! My parents are scared of traveling non-rev, plus they have to work as well, so they opted not to go. The thing about traveling non-rev is that one should take the first flight out, so that you have more flight options and also, others may miss their alarm clock and not show up. This morning however, loads looked okay so I was ready to go. At around 4AM, I drove to the airport and parked at Wally Parking. I took the shuttle to the Delta departures, and used the check-in kiosk there. It printed out my boarding pass that said “Seat Request” and then I was off to security. After security, I took the subway to the S gates where Delta is. DL is currently the second largest airline behind AS/QX. I would also say that DL brings in the greatest variety of aircraft than any other airline, with CR9s, 319s, 320s, 738s, 752s, 753s, 763s, and occasionally, the M90.

This morning, the flight would depart out of gate S4, and the gate TV monitor was what I was after. I found a seat by it, and I kept watching it to wait for the standby list. When it was on the standby list, I was a low enough number in line for a seat on the list that there was actually a very real chance of getting in F! I was hoping that there would be no more frequent flier upgrades taking those seats, nor would anybody buy an upgrade. I think it was $125 for the 1 hour 45 minute flight to SLC. Definitely not worth the money in my opinion, but I was still hoping for the best. After about another 15 minutes of speculating, they called my name and gave me my boarding pass, and it was for seat 3D! I was probably the happiest person in the airport at that moment, because I had never been in F, and it was a window! The last time I was even close to thinking about first class was when I flew SEA-ONT on AS. I waited another 10 minutes for them to start boarding, and they called all seated in the first class cabin to board through the Sky Priority lane. I jumped in line and I could hardly wait!

Delta Air Lines #1634
December 29, 2011
Boeing 757-200 (N658DL)
Gate: S4
Seat: 3D
(I’m a little surprised I was able to get these flightawares)

Boarding was through the L2 door so I turned left and found my seat. I really like the 757’s F cabin in this way because the cabin is like a private jet and nobody in Y is allowed in. The flight attendant came out from the galley and offered me a drink, and I chose an orange juice. I was very impressed so far!

The F seat in a 757-200 with all of the goodies they offer you: a pillow, packaged blanket, small bottle of water, and earbuds

A better look at the center armrest in the F seats; this thing will not move

The luggage door to the front bins is open, and yes, this 757 does have winglets.

The back of the F seat, the tray table is in the armrest (not the center one) and the seatback pocket has two extra pockets in addition to the one for all the reading material. Legroom was also much better than Y!

A better picture of outside

My drink arrived after about 5 minutes, yet my seat mate had not yet arrived. One thing that I immediately noticed is that the F seat was like a living room sofa in that it was big and wide, but it really lacked lumbar so putting the pillow there made things better.

Taken from the phone

Pre-departure drink

I sat and enjoyed the seat for about another 10 minutes as I had my juice, and then my seat mate arrived. She was a business lady who sat across the aisle from her colleague, and they talked about business the whole flight. They were bound for PHX on a DL Connection flight out of SLC. Boarding of the Y cabin was still going, so I quickly used the bathroom, which I knew was clean since it was the first flight of the morning and it was the F bathroom. After I got back, in about another 5 minutes, the door was closed and then my coworkers pushed us back. I hope to get endorsed to do that this summer! During pushback, they showed the welcome video featuring Richard Anderson, and then the safety video with Deltalina.

Bad shot of a company 757 at S3, taken during pushback

Takeoff this morning was on runway 16L. Since I was seated closer to the engine, I could hear the fabulous noise of the PW2037 engines. I sat back and enjoyed the powerful and steep takeoff of the 757. It felt great!

Port of Tacoma

After flying runway heading for another minute or two, we banked left and flew southeast to SLC. We passed Mt. Rainier on the way, but it was still way too dark for a picture. We passed 10,000 feet, and flight attendants announced it was safe to use electronic devices. They also talked about what service options were available on the flight, and that WIFI was available. A few minutes later, the F/A in the F cabin came by to take drink orders. This time, I opted for an apple juice. A few minutes later, the F/A appeared again with two glasses on a small tray, one with my apple juice and the other for the lady next to me. Having never flown F before, I did not expect to see a glass like this, so I was a little surprised. After doing all of the drink orders, the F/A then walked down the F aisle with a snack basket for breakfast. In it was peanuts, pretzels, biscoffs, fruit, and packaged muffins. I was tempted to grab the biscoff cookies, but I decided that I would probably be having those on the next flight and I decided to have something that I could not get in Y. However, there was no hot towel service on this flight because there was no meal and the flight was short.

I chose a blueberry muffin to go with my apple juice. The apple juice seemed to have tasted a lot better served in that glass.

Sun beginning to rise

It was now bright enough to take a picture of the whole wing

It was cool being able to watch the engine nacelles spin during the flight – never have I been able to do that!

Sunrise over the Rockies

I knew there was a nice sunrise out there, but I was only able to see a tiny bit, and my camera could only capture less than what I saw. Only the flight deck could see it!

I enjoyed the flight a lot and it was uneventful other than that I was sitting in F. This plane did not have AVOD so there was no inflight entertainment.

The first part of the Great Salt Lake

Initial descent over Salt Lake… to me this flight was too short and I didn’t want it to end because I was having such a great time!

Slats and spoilers deployed as we prepare for descent below 10,000 feet. The F/As were told to being collecting garbage and to prepare the cabin for arrival.

A slightly different angle to get a better view

There’s traffic on approach for runway 16R on the other side of the airport

Touchdown on runway 16L at DL’s hub in SLC

Various planes

Parked at gate C7, ending my first flight in first class. The ramper outside looks really cold.

I got my things together and took my unopened water with me as I knew that I would need it later. I also took the earbuds since they also came with a two-pronged adaptor for the plane. While leaving the aircraft out the L2 door, one of the F/As blocked the aisle for Y pax so that the F pax could leave first. I thought that was a nice touch. After getting into the terminal, I saw to my dismay that we were at a gate where taking a picture of the plane was difficult, as there was a Hudson News on one side, and a bar on the other.

Taken from the boarding area for gate C7… Best available shot in this area

The tail number

Since my connecting flight wasn’t for another two more hours and I did not want to sit in the cramped boarding area of the B gates staring at the TV screen, I decided to take some pictures as I walked up the C concourse to the main terminal’s large hallway for connecting between concourses.

A CR7 bound for FAT with downtown Salt Lake City in the back

Airbus A319 – After the merger, SLC is home to mainly CRJs of all sizes, A319s, A320s, and 752s. There are some 738s, and 763s that mix in as well.

One of the things I like about SLC is this hallway between the concourses. The hallway has moving walkways, as well as windows for great spotting opportunities. There are also lots of tables and chairs by the windows if you want to sit and enjoy the view.

A shot from the main terminal area transitioning to the B gates

The B gates is home to most DL Connection flights, as well as UA and WN

Another shot of the plane that brought me here – in the back you can see an Airbus A330-200 parked at maintenance

A better overall view of the C gates

Some Christmas cheer even though Christmas already happened by this time – the windows in this pic are not the windows I was talking about

Really bad pic of the hallway in the main terminal where the concourse branch off… sorry had to keep moving

The hallway from which I just came from branching off to the B concourse – I really liked the Christmas tree that they crafted here

Instead of going down the B gates, I decided to just stay up here and watch my plane come in as it had not yet arrived. Since it was a CR9 operated by SkyWest, it was a much harder flight to get on than DL mainline because this plane only seats 78 pax and SkyWest employees are ahead of Delta employees on the standby list. Rather than go to the gate and sit down and get anxious about whether or not they’ll give me a seat, I decided to relax up here.

Here is the plane that I was hoping to board – a CR9 in the old colors

Back then, SkyWest was slacking on painting all of their RJs into the current colors, but they have since done so. I think they were all completed in the first half of this year.

A mix of CR7s and CR9s

Since the plane was now at the gate, I figured that I had better go down to the gate and see if the monitor was up. I checked the standby list on my phone and loads looked okay there. I made my way down the concourse, past the UA gates, down an escalator to the lower level of the B gates where the RJ gates were. WN was also down here probably because they could get lower rent on these small gates. The flight was at gate B10, and the boarding area was crowded because several gates share the same boarding area in this concourse. Initial boarding was called for first class, passengers with small children, and those that require extra assistance. Shortly after, they boarded the aircraft by zones and that took about 20 minutes. All the while, I kept glancing over at the stand by screen, which had not changed much. I would most likely make the flight. By now, they called my name and gave me my ticket. Since I also had a small suitcase with my brother’s Christmas presents in them, (we figured since I was going down there, it was safer and cheaper for me to bring them myself after Christmas than to ship them) they gave me a green valet tag for the suitcase since the bag (easily fit in the 757 with lots of room to spare all around it; you could even put a purse on top of it) would not fit inside the CR9. I put the tag on the handlebar and left it at the valet door, where the rampers would take the bag and put it in the small bag area underneath the Y cabin in front of the wings. After the agent scanned my ticket, I looked down and saw it was an aisle. Looks like I won’t enjoy the photography options that I had on the last flight.

Delta Connection (operated by SkyWest) #4701
December 29, 2011
Canadair CRJ-900 (N809SK)
Gate: B10
Seat: 13B

I got on board my CRJ-900 and most seats were already filled as I was one of the last to board. Luckily, I found that my seat was the row for the second emergency exit door over the wing. Legroom here seemed almost infinite and was just as good, if not better than the previous flight. I also had two tray tables, one in the seat armrest and one on the seatback. About 5 minutes after I got seated, the flight pushed back for departure from runway 16L. Since this was a CRJ, the windows were hopelessly misaligned and were satisfactory for viewing from my seat, but were bad for photos. During pushback, the two F/As did the safety briefing, with one F/A in the back reading the script while the one in the front demonstrated the seatbelt, the oxygen mask, and what not. Since the RJ is low to the ground, you can feel all the bumps while taxiing. We took off from runway 16L and I soon fell asleep for about half an hour until service came.

I’m sorry to say this is the only pic from this flight.

I enjoyed the biscoffs and the sprite and then I fell asleep again, waking up while on approach to runway 25L at LAX. All I could see outside was the sky, and then the brown horizon from the smog of Southern California. A few minutes later, we landed on 25L and taxied to DL’s terminal at LAX which was terminal 5. After that we parked at the gate and after getting off the plane, I waited for my bag in the jet way. Once I got back my bag, I took the shuttle to see my brother at the hotel he works at.

After taking this trip, I can say that first class was a great treat, especially it being my first time. However, a short flight like SEA-SLC is really not long enough to enjoy it. Even though the CR9 is still an RJ, I do enjoy flying on it because I really like the engine noise of it. It is a pretty new and modern aircraft as well. Sitting in the emergency exit row of the CR9 is also a great seat because there is a lot of legroom, making that seat more comfortable than even a mainline seat. Overall, I love flying on DL as an airline and I think that their service and product is one of the better ones domestically. No other airline still gives free blankets and pillows on longer flights (at DL, each pax gets one on long flights and night flights) and few airlines still serve snacks. I also have yet to have a negative experience on a DL flight. I hope to post the return within a day or so.

Re: First Time in First! SEA-SLC-LAX on DL w/pics
March 10, 2013 05:09AM
It took me this long to read this. I feel slightly ashamed of that.

When I first red the registration of the 757 my eyes made it N685... and I thought "Hey, I've flown that!" Sadly I've not.

The thing about traveling non-rev is that one should take the first flight out, so that you have more flight options
Same way when booking reward flights. I like that tough. Makes the experience at the airport more intimate.

and they called all seated in the first class cabin to board through the Sky Priority lane
Do they actually have those separated? Oddly enough at home base they don't. It's all one line and they seat in zone 1 (or whatever they do now. It's been about 3 years since I've flown with Delta).

Boarding was through the L2 door
Seems par for the course. I've only boarded a 757 once through L1. It was at ATL and I'm not sure why.

During pushback, they showed the welcome video featuring Richard Anderson, and then the safety video with Deltalina.
I hope for everybody's sake the new video is better than the old one.

to me this flight was too short and I didn’t want it to end because I was having such a great time!
Outside of transcons I think most would agree with that.

I checked the standby list on my phone
Delta has a great app, maybe the best of them all. I have it on my iPod touch and the iPad version also. It's very well laid out and easy to use.

would not fit inside the CR9
CRJs are definitely better than ERJs (at least the 135/145 anyway) room-wise, but they're still way too cramped.

Since this was a CRJ, the windows were hopelessly misaligned and were satisfactory for viewing from my seat, but were bad for photos.
It's a crapshoot for a good window on those.

Overall, I love flying on DL as an airline and I think that their service and product is one of the better ones domestically. No other airline still gives free blankets and pillows on longer flights (at DL, each pax gets one on long flights and night flights) and few airlines still serve snacks.
Definitely better than my experiences elsewhere. It's what keeps me coming back whenever their price is competitive.

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Re: First Time in First! SEA-SLC-LAX on DL w/pics
March 10, 2013 09:31AM

Do they actually have those separated?
They do actually. In SEA and I think other large DL stations they have a sign for general boarding and one for Sky Priority with a line rope dividing two lines right by the gate door. The Sky Priority lane also has a rug that says Sky Priority on it. And yes they still pretty much have the same zone system.


Seems par for the course. I've only boarded a 757 once through L1. It was at ATL and I'm not sure why.
Having flown the 757 with UA, AA, and DL, it seems company practice to use either door, at UA and I think L1 at AA when I flew them, but DL likes to use the L2 unless the jetway is designed to not extend or move into a good position with L2. I've only worked one 757 flight at SEA where they used L1, (and I've worked dozens) but only because they couldn't get the jetway aligned with L2 since it was an overflow gate.


I hope for everybody's sake the new video is better than the old one.
I've been on a few flights with the new safety video, and every time there are at least a few chuckles to some of the gags and jokes on it. I was actually on one flight where a passenger recognized Deltalina's cameo and he pointed it out to his girlfriend that she was the one in the old video.


It's a crapshoot for a good window on those.
When I flew on the CRJ-900, I've found it's actually easier to look out the window and get a better view outside if I have the aisle seat than if I have the window seat.

Looks like you have a very nice trip set up! I've never been to Europe before. Hopefully you'll get one of the 763s with the new cabin as they have a very nice cabin set up with some blue/green mood lighting, bigger overhead bins, and I think some interior cues from the 777. You're completely fine for not having read this until 2 months later but glad you did!

Re: First Time in First! SEA-SLC-LAX on DL w/pics
March 19, 2013 05:59AM
In LA, I visited my brother. Of course, no trip to Southern California, especially LAX, is complete without a trip to the In N Out on Sepulveda Blvd, located just off the threshold for runway 24L and R. After enjoying lunch, I enjoyed spotting all of the traffic on short final. Mainly there were WN 737s, but there were also a few heavies. Since it was a December afternoon, the sun was low on the horizon which made many of the pictures backlit and dark, so I am only going to post the special pictures and the pictures that actually came out visible.

An Eagle ERJ by In N Out – I decided to try to be a little artistic

OZ 777-200

I took a few pictures here on the street by outside In N Out tables, when a couple of other people showed up to also spot the traffic. They were from the San Diego area, and they drove up here solely for doing the spotting. We talked and I learned that they had never been here before, and so as a result, they wanted to go to the top of the Parking Spot, which is the parking garage, located directly adjacent from the In N Out. The Parking Spot shuttle is the method I use to get to In N Out, from the terminals, and it has been posted on airliners.net and spotterswiki that going up to the top level for photography is prohibited by the Parking Spot. I told them that, but they wanted to just go up to take a look and invited me to go along. They also said that if someone approached us, we would say that it was our first time here and we didn’t know. I figured I would try it then, since there was a group of us, rather than just me alone.

The result were signs posted on the walls in the parking lot saying that photography was prohibited and that it was trespassing, and if someone caught us then we’d be asked to leave. However, there was a much better angle with the height of several stories. I even had a good view of the threshold of the runways, as well as of Terminals 1, 2, 3, and the Tom Bradley terminal. Despite the better views up there, I still do not recommend going up to the top floor unless you want to take risks and live dangerously.

EVA 777-300

WN 737-300

B6 A320

AS 737-400


Touchdown of a WN 73G

Another WN 73G

We had spent about 45 minutes up here and nobody bothered us, and we didn’t see anyone else while we were up here. Along with better angled shots, this calmed my nerves. After a few other pictures, the two people decided that they needed to hit the road to get back to San Diego before traffic started getting really bad. Not wanting to be the only person up here, I decided to leave a few minutes after they did.

QX Q400

This TN A340-300 accounts for 1/5th of the fleet

This A380 attracted quite the crowd in the park across the street from In N Out

An EM2 going into the light

This picture would have been great but there was a bird that interrupted the airspace

The next morning, I woke up in the hotel at around 7am for the 10am flight. After looking at the loads that night I figured that this flight’s loads would be alright, and I wouldn’t have to wake up really early. Also if I didn’t make this flight, there would be other flights that I could take.

I woke up at the LAX Hilton to thick fog, bad visibility, and a long line for takeoff for runway 25R. I figured that there were a lot of delays that morning! This picture was taken back when there were 3 UA liveries running around.

A zoomed in picture – I took this to note the OO CR7 in AS colors. It was probably here for maintenance since LAX is not a CR7 station for AS anymore.

After getting a quick breakfast, I took the shuttle to LAX. I checked in and unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the terminal. The security line was average and there weren’t any abnormalities to report. However, when I got to the gate, I was greeted by a 45 minute delay because of the fog. I was hoping that the delay would not be extended, as that would cause me to miss my connection to SEA. In SLC, I had an hour, which would be perfect for on-time flights, but I now had about 25 minutes. Of course, I was also hoping that I would be able to get on this flight, delay or not.

Delta Air Lines #1414
December 30, 2011
Airbus A320 (N311NW)
Gate: 54A
Seat: 12E (I think)

Eventually after the delay, the fog had burned off enough to improve visibility and boarding started. After most people boarded, they started calling standby passengers and I made it on. They had given me a middle seat over the wing. No problem, I was happy to be on board. We were now pretty late (you can see how much so on the flightaware,) so the flight deck announced that they would be trying their hardest to make up as much time as possible on the way to SLC. A deadheading DL flight attendant sat in the window seat next to me, and inquired to a newly trained, but smart F/A working the flight about a baby in a car seat seated in the assigned to a row just in front of the first emergency exit row. The F/A knew about the rule but the F/A next to me had to open her book and look up the rule. She explained to me that it was a written company policy in the flight attendant’s standard operating procedures that babies are not allowed to be assigned to the first row before or after the exit rows because during evacuation, the over wing door is supposed to be put either on the seats of the exit row, or in those rows next to them. Sure enough, the F/A had the family with the baby switch rows with some other people and thanked the F/A next to me for pointing it out as he wasn’t watching.

We got to talking more, and she was on her way to SLC to work a flight to SNA. I also asked her more about being an F/A, and it turns out that all F/As are cross-trained to work all types. She was SLC based and told me that she liked the 737-800, the 757-200, because the galleys are good and the passengers like them, thought the 319s and 320s weren’t bad, and didn’t like working the MD-88s or MD-90s because of the galley design. She doesn’t usually work many of the widebodies, because SLC is mainly a mainline base for the A319/320s, the 738s, and the 757-200/767-300s.

We were parked next to a former TWA plane that is now a transcon-configured SkyTeam 757-200

We pushed back with our tail north, and then the pushback driver towed us out of the narrow alley way between Terminal 5 and 6. The F/A next to me started snoozing which allowed me to take pictures from the middle without her caring too much. After engine start up and the before taxi checklist, we initially made a left turn which I thought was toward runway 25R. Wrong! At the next taxiway, we made a right turn and then another right turn now headed westbound. I was slightly confused, as I thought traffic was west flow. Were we now headed for a takeoff on runway 7L?

Passing Terminal 5, where DL has the bulk of their operations – They share Terminal 6 with UA, AS, and a couple of other carriers I believe.

An A330-200

Alleyway between AA’s Terminal 4 and DL’s Terminal 5

We then made another right turn and another left turn to get onto the taxiway closer to the terminals.

Turning right first – you can see the American Eagle bus which transfers people from the AA gates to the Eagle terminal. There was also other traffic that looks like was going to follow us. I don’t know why we could have done that in the first place instead of turn around.

Heavy international tails at Tom Bradley – LAWA, which is the organization that operates LAX, ONT, VNY, and PMD is spending a good amount of money to remodel this terminal and expand it.

The tail of the A380 – this was a massive plane, especially compared to the A320 I was in

You can tell how much taller and how much larger the wing fence is compared to the A320.

After passing the A320’s big brother, we turned right onto the taxiway that connects the north side of the airport to the south. I now understood that we were headed for runway 24L, which made complete sense now. However, I was a little disappointed that we wouldn’t be taking off to the east, as I have never done so. On top of that, I was a little annoyed because this routing was wasting precious minutes that a lot of people could use to make their now tight connections in SLC.

A lot of construction at Tom Bradley with the A380 in the back, ready to go back to Australia

By now, the F/A next to me had somehow decided to be awake as we lost view of the A380. She started talking to me about that plane and then I showed her the pictures I took. She said that I was good because she was really excited to see the pictures. We began talking some more, and that is why there are no pictures of Terminals 1, 2, or 3.

A lot of construction as we taxi to 24L

The ‘dog’ 737-400 from AS in between Terminal 3 and TBIT

After taxing all the way to the threshold, we took off from runway 24L and shortly after, banked left for SLC. I now decided to take a nap since I had 2 early starts in a row.

The wing of the A320 over either Nevada or Utah

I woke up right as we were on our descent into SLC. The F/A woke up too and we started chatting a bit more about my flying career. She said that her husband loved flying and used to fly for DL. After he retired, he bought a Cessna and instructed students. We were talking a bit more, and then a pilot at SkyWest sitting in front of me started talking to me. He gave me advice on how to enter the airline industry, saying that I need to find some way to differentiate myself from all other pilots. For instance, when he was applying to SkyWest, they wanted to know a way he gave back to the community, and that was that he provided customer service as a shoe salesman at Nordstrom’s.

I believe we landed on runway 16R in SLC, after approaching the airport from the south and flying a right downwind of the airport. We parked at the D gates, where the flight attendant came on and asked that all passengers who had either a later connection, or had SLC as their final destination to please remain seated for those that had tight connections. Despite this, everyone stood and crowded the aisles to which the new flight attendant from before said that he knew that we all didn’t have tight connections. At that point, the person who sat in the aisle seat next to me started to get a little anxious and asked people to let him through. It was fruitless however, because the person he asked said that he had a tight connection too. The F/A next to me remained seated and told me to get off the plane and get to my next flight. She said she could stay on the plane and let off everyone else who had connections because her flight could not leave without her, and her flight was also delayed.

After getting off the plane, I looked at the TV screen hanging from the ceiling right as you enter the terminal that had connecting flight information. Fortunately, my flight to SEA was only two gates away and I didn’t have to run to another concourse. Unfortunately, as I got to my gate and looked at the TV screen showing the standby list, I was not going to make it on. I was number 9 in line for 1 seat. I found a seat and sat down close to the podium and TV screen as I waited to watch the plane leave. I wanted to go to the gate for the next flight, but they don’t call standbys to board until the flight is almost ready to leave. The gate agent began calling names, but nobody showed up for the seat. I remember that the first two people were not there, and the next four people were a family. They did not want to split up, so they refused the seat. The next person that they called also did not show up. My heart was pounding and I wished that they would call the names and clear the list faster in an effort to decrease the amount of time so I could get on. The next two names were a father and his little daughter. He too, refused the seat because he would not split up from his little girl. At long last, they called my name and I sprung up and gave them my seat request ticket. I should not have made this flight, but I got lucky twice! I had a very tight connection but the flight was only a minute’s walk away, and I managed to make it on. It was unbelievable and I was happy to be on board.

Delta Air Lines #1457
December 30, 2011
Airbus A319 N318NB
Gate: D10
Seat: A middle seat on the right side behind the wing

I made my way onto the already full plane and found my seat. It was a middle seat and I was glad to be on, and I just wanted to sleep. Shortly after I settled in, the door closed and we pushed. Since neither the A319s nor the A320s have IFE, the F/As did the safety demo manually and we taxied to runway 16L for takeoff. Since I was to the rear of the wing, I could hear all of the Airbus PTUs working to keep the hydraulic pressure since we were taxiing on one engine. There were some people who made notice of these noises, but personally I like them.


On climb out, I started to fall asleep as the g-forces and the maneuvering helped me get to sleep. I slept until cruise when the beverage cart was right next to my row. Every time I fall asleep after takeoff, the sound or presence of the beverage cart seems to always wake me up. I groggily put down my tray table and waited for the F/As to take my order.

Pretzels and a Sprite – I think on this flight due to it only being about 1hr 30min to 1hr 45min, they only offer one food instead of the peanuts, pretzels, and Biscoff cookies.

After eating one of the packs, and drinking my Sprite part way, I decided to put the other bag of pretzels in my backpack for later. I finished off my drink and consolidated the garbage and left it on my table as I went back to sleep. When I woke up again, we were on descent into SEA and my trash had disappeared and my tray table was up. I didn’t know who to thank for this but oh well. In a few minutes, we had landed on runway 16C and were taxiing for gate S6. After entering the alleyway between the S gates and the B gates, the flight deck shut off one of the engines so the PTUs came on again working to keep the hydraulic pressure. After, we parked, I decided to get a picture of the flight deck.

The flightdeck of the Airbus A319 #3119 or N318NB

The many circuit breakers on the ceiling

I talked to one of the pilots about the sidestick of the plane. The pilot said he used to be a 727 pilot with NW and it only took him about 15 minutes to get used to the side stick. He also said that he would trade the yoke of the Boeings any day for the spaciousness that the A319/320 has to offer. He then showed me the tray table that is put in place of the yoke. After that, I thanked him for the visit and the pictures and got into the terminal to take one last picture of the plane.

At the time, I thought it was weird to see a DL A319 in SEA, because all throughout that summer we didn’t get one and that was my first DL A319 to ride on. Last summer however, the A319 was regularly scheduled on a SLC-SEA-SLC route so I worked them a few times and they’re commonplace to me now.

Re: First Time in First! SEA-SLC-LAX on DL w/pics
March 24, 2013 09:14PM

and didn’t like working the MD-88s or MD-90s because of the galley design.
They're quite a bit on the cramped side. Shame for them the make up a huge chunk of the fleet.

Despite this, everyone stood and crowded the aisles to which the new flight attendant from before said that he knew that we all didn’t have tight connections
That's because people are very self-absorbed and stupid.

There were some people who made notice of these noises, but personally I like them.
It was a bit unsettling the first time I flew an A320, but over time we grow to love them.

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