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Posted by Spyco 
April 20, 2011 02:54AM
Wow it's quiet around here, but at least there's still some familiar faces around.Nice to see that the community is still kicking smiling smiley

I went on a volunteer trip a couple weeks ago to South Africa and, even if the 31 hours of travel was painful, it was a total planespotters dream. I went from Vancouver to SFO to JFK (I SAW T5!) to Johannesburg, and coming back I went JNB to Washington Dulles (via Dakar) to O'Hare to Vancouver.
BTW, I had to fly United. The new livery makes me want to cry. Then again, so does the "new" JAL one
Re: Hai
April 21, 2011 05:19AM
Sounds like a fun trip! Did you grab any pictures along the way?

Proud Member Since 2003
Re: Hai
April 22, 2011 12:47AM
Yeah! And did you know i'm based in South Africa? Could've given you a few tips!

Re: Hai
April 22, 2011 08:34AM
I'm glad that you had a good time spotting! And I do agree with you... I hate United's (Continental's!) new paint scheme. Never in a million years, can that globe be UA's logo. With that being said, I refuse to change the logos in my signature. winking smiley

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