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ONT-PHX-SEA on WN (Longer and more pics)

Posted by bluewhale 
ONT-PHX-SEA on WN (Longer and more pics)
August 19, 2010 09:15AM
After a lot of fun in the sun playing golf and getting tan, it was time to go home, which I was sooooo unready for. I was not ready to go back to Washington, but I was glad that I had a connection on the way home. One thing that I did do differently however was that I purchased two 2-liter bottles of Cactus Cooler soda to take with me back home. I know that TSA most definitely would not let two 2-liter bottles of soda through security, but luckily I was flying on Southwest, where bags fly free (which was totally emphasized and they had slogans all over the place). The day before my flight, I had set a reminder on my iPhone for 4:13 PM so that I can check-in using the Southwest Airlines App on my phone. I am glad that I had set this reminder because I would have definitely forgotten to check-in 24 hours before my flight. When my phone’s alarm rang, my buddy and I had just gotten done visiting our old schools, so my flight the next day was the last thing on my mind. Luckily, we were inside Target at the time having a snack, so I was easily able to check-in. For my ONT-PHX leg, I was checked in as A22, which was just one behind the Business Select seats, and for my PHX-SEA leg I was B2 (probably because it would be unfair for others waiting to check-in in PHX for the SEA flight if I got to hop on first because I was eligible to check-in before the 24 hour mark).

So August 14th comes, and it is time to go back to ONT. It was about 3:15, an hour before me departure, and with my heavy bag full of soda in hand, I waited at the ticket counter. I was amazed at the large amount of people who were checking bags for this particular flight – probably because no other airline offers free bags anymore, so people are using WN’s free bag policy just to take advantage of it. I know that I was kind of doing this today. My boarding pass was already printed from the home computer, so all I had to do was recheck-in so that the guy could get my bag ready. I placed in my confirmation code in the computer, and my bag was waiting on the scale. While I was waiting for the CSA to get done with the ignorant guy next to me who did not know how to operate the kiosk, I quickly filled out a baggage tag for my check-in bag. Then, the CSA came over to me and checked me in, confirming if I was indeed going to SEA. I affirmed, and then he asked if I knew that I was going to PHX first and I said yes again. He gave me my ticket jacket with my claim slip inside of it and I was now off to security. At the base of the stairway to the airside, the TSA has a post there to check boarding passes and ID. I passed there and was now waiting in line. The line was maybe 10 people short at the max, but it took about 7 minutes of waiting because people were slow.

These are the doors going outside and this is the escalator/stairway to the landside. I am still refusing to take pictures of a security area.

The thing that I seemed to notice, particularly about this WN flight, was that there were a lot of young people that were my age or a few years older on the flight, a lot of Mexicans, and a lot of white people that looked like they came from a lower standard of living. There was a lady in front of me at security (who was coincidentally A21 on my flight) who commented that security was like getting undressed because of taking off your shoes and all of the stuff that was on your person. Security here in ONT is no big deal at all, and was a lot less crowded in SEA which made things seem much calmer and less hectic. I still tried to follow George Clooney in “Up In the Air” and this time I more or less succeeded. I only used one bin for my liquids, my shoes, my phone, my wallet and coins, and my boarding pass, and my backpack followed along with it. (It felt great having one less bag to carry wherever I went) The thing that I do not get, however, is that people use the bins for every single bag except for their large suitcases, both here and in SEA. Is it because people don’t want to risk getting their bags dirty from the conveyor belt? Afterwards, I took my bin and my backpack to a bench, where I put everything back in my pockets and tied my shoes. I commented to the A21 lady that this was such a hassle, and she agreed. I put my bin back, put on my backpack, and headed to gate 405 to see what was there.

Once at gate 405, which was a short walk from security, there were people filling the waiting area, but no plane. So I decided to backtrack past security to see what has become of this terminal. Not surprisingly, they closed off gates 411 through 414, just like they did to Terminal 2. There are no pictures, because the sight was basically the same as the one earlier. Just for some information, WN has gates 401 through 407, (but they only use 403-407 during the day and 401 and 402 for RONs) US has gate 408 and AA has gate 410, although they sometimes use gate 409 because they have 2 M80s that RON and then fly back to DFW. Because there was literally nothing to do on this side, I decided to walk to the other end of Terminal 4 to see that side. On the way, I stopped here:

US Airways Express CRJ-900 to PHX

This plane had just gotten in, since there were still people coming out of the jetway.

One of the many Southwest 737-700s that I would be seeing today. I don’t remember where this plane was headed.

My plane to PHX: N651SW

I walked past my gate, to the area where gates 401 through 404 were. It looks pretty much the same as the UA area in Terminal 2. Like I said, gate 404 was in use, as there were people there sitting and waiting, and 401 through 402 were still controlled by WN, but they only used them for RONs. Since the very end of this terminal was also empty, one of the cleaning ladies was sitting in one of the seats talking on the phone with her cart parked next to her. I checked the time, and it was now about 3:40, which means that boarding was soon.

Artwork on the side of a restaurant close to my gate

I decided to stand around and wait, rather than sit down because I was getting kind of hot from walking around.

The glass jetway, the winglets, and the posts that you are supposed to stand by

Interior of Terminal 4

Clearer picture – you can see WN’s wifi and power port bar next to the podium for gate 406

Southwest Airlines #9
August 14, 2010
Boeing 737-300 (N651SW)
4:15 PM – 5:30 PM
Gate: 405
Seat: 17A

At this point, they had now called for general boarding, with people who have a boarding pass that began with the letter A. They also said that if you had a boarding pass with a B or C on it, then you were to stay seated and wait until they called your letter to get in line. There were not very many people in the Business Select section that was A1 through A20, only a few. I felt lucky to be in A22 because I knew that my flight to SEA would be a lot harder to get a good seat. Just before boarding, the A21 lady that I had met at security took her spot in front of me.

Waiting in line

Something different about WN, is that when they scan your boarding pass, the computer makes the same ding sound that the seatbelt sign makes. WN has really used this sound a lot in their promotions, from the TV commercials, to their Ding! software for the computer that let’s you know when a sale starts. Also, the CSA keeps everyone’s boarding pass, probably because people don’t need it to know where they are seated, and so that the airline can properly recycle it.

My first time going through a glass jetway – sure beats the enclosed ones!

Before boarding, I decided that for this flight, I would try to grab a seat on the left similar to where I was seated on AS. Once on board, the A21 lady asked me if we just sit wherever we wanted, and I told her yes. She got a seat further up in the cabin, and I walked down the aisle past the emergency exit and got a seat just behind the wing.

Back here, the cabin was relatively empty, and also, WN has their rows somewhat misaligned with each other.

My view – also my first 737 classic with winglets. When I was a lot younger, I used to think that ONT was one of WN’s hubs (before I learned that WN considers them self as not having any hubs and only having focus cities) because WN was a lot bigger than any other airline at ONT and they always had at least one or two planes parked at any given time, as well as having more than double the amount of gates that any other airline had.

The engine

A 737-700 parked at gate 404

There’s the other AS 737-900 SEA flight and another DL Connection CRJ to SLC. Again, this AS 739 also has the aft stairs hooked up for faster turn times. Reg. N323AS.

WN’s winglet

People kept getting on board, and the seats filled up in the front before they filled up in the back. My row was still empty, and then people stopped coming. I was hoping that this meant that the door was closed and that I got a whole row to myself. This was confirmed when we started to push:

Last view of Terminal 2

I had finally gotten a whole row to myself! Even though the Captain came on to say that our flight would only be an hour and seven minutes long, I was still very happy! I was hoping to get the whole row to myself on the AS flight, but I instead got it here! All of my objectives have been more or less fulfilled. I then scanned the whole plane, and I saw that the front was much fuller than the back, and there were other rows that only had one person in them. Other rows had friends traveling together sitting next to each other without a stranger. I’d say loads were about 65% to 75% or so. Right away, I took out my backpack from under the seat in front of me and placed it under the seat next to me so I could stretch out. Leg room was definitely a lot more generous without my backpack there. However, the plane seemed a little warm, especially since I had been walking all over the place, so I turned up my vent.

AS 737-900 – you can definitely see that it is a real airliner compared to that little sardine can, Barbie jet that is known as the CRJ-200.

Terminal 4

Another 737-300 with winglets – I don’t get why some winglets do have southwest.com on them while others have them on one side, while others don’t even have it at all.

Starting up the engines

Drawing out the flaps for departure

US CRJ-900 bound for PHX – we left before it and we probably arrived before it as well, but it did not occur to me to go look for it once I was in PHX.

N938LR operated by Mesa Airlines. In the past, this flight would have been operated on a 737-200 instead of a CR9.

The closed down part of Terminal 4 – HP/US used to have 411 and 412 and CO used to have gate 413 before moving to 207.

This vacant area would be for a Terminal 4 expansion, but that’s not happening anytime soon...

The rental car lot – all companies share the same building and the same lot

After about a two minute taxi, we were holding before runway 26R for about a few minutes, which I thought was somewhat weird because we were number 1 for takeoff and nobody landed while we were waiting. Perhaps ONT ground was waiting for the US CR9 to catch up to us or something.

Once we were given clearance, the captain throttled and we immediately started our takeoff run down 26R. Takeoff was fine – it did push me back in my seat a little and at this point my camera batteries died so I spent the entire replacing the batteries. (I came prepared this time!)


FedEx ramp – no widebodies here because ONT is UPS’s town

Banking left over industrial buildings shortly after takeoff

Industrial buildings – we’re starting to level

A look back at ONT

Terminal 2 – the AS 737-900 is the only plane there and the DL CR2 is taxing to runway 26R for departure to SLC. The main road leading into the middle of ONT is Archibald Ave. and I used to live close to Archibald, about 7 miles north of ONT.

Terminal 4 – you can see my gate is the empty one between the 2 WN 737s.

UPS ramp – 757-200s, 767-300s, and MD-11s

UPS ramp – Plenty of MD-11s here. ONT is their west coast hub. UPS will typically fly to cities all over the country from here, and sometimes even flights to HNL, ANC, and cities in Asia.

I saw this plane headed for LAX, but my camera was kind of slow to catch it.

15 and 60 freeway interchange

Over the cities of Norco and Ontario

Fontana Raceway off into the distance

Flaps retracted

This is either the town of Norco or Corona

Lake Matthews

The whole wing

Moreno Valley is the area in the bottom of this picture, and San Bernardino is the area in the middle of the picture

Took advantage of our left bank to get a picture of the winglet

The wing and the engine

Palm Springs

Palm Springs Airport (PSP)

More of Palm Springs

Palm Springs has so many golf courses

Palm Springs’ amount of golf courses would probably be comparable to the amount of hotels, resorts, and casinos that Las Vegas has.

I definitely need to come down here for a golf vacation one day

Over the Joshua Tree area

High clouds – flightaware says that my cruising altitude was FL330, but I don’t know how true that is because the Captain never really told us much.

Its pictures like these that really make me like the desert

Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree between Palm Springs and the Colorado River

Since we had been at our cruising altitude for a while (whatever it was) the F/As started taking drink orders on a notepad. Also, the d-bag in front of me reclined her seat all the way! Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything. At least I have the two seats next to me empty.

I ordered a Sprite, and it came delivered in 10 minutes on a tray that had 16 or so cup holders. I would think that WN would see that it is much easier for the F/As to use a beverage cart, but it’s obviously cheaper to use a cup holder tray.

I like this napkin, so I took it with me since it wasn’t soiled. I did have to anchor it down with my cup however, because it kept almost blowing away since I was using two air vents on full blast since I was a little sweaty.

I thought that with the lighting that my iPhone did not give, combined with those clouds made this a really cool desert picture.

The whole wing

The F/As then came walking down the cabin (from the back, FEBO) with a basket full of peanuts.

Peanuts – Only ate one pack, I still have the other and I don’t know when or if I will ever eat it

Colorado River separating California and Arizona, and the city of Blythe is on the California side.

Colorado River with the camera

High clouds over Arizona

737-Classic style tray tables – the middle one actually fell open on takeoff

The whole wing with the iPhone

One lone thunderstorm cloud over Arizona

Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Left turn on descent – descent was little turbulent, much more so than in ONT or SEA.

The F/As came down the cabin collecting the trash. Luckily, these F/As were efficient with the drink service, and efficient with the snack service.

The 10 freeway in Phoenix

Flaps on descent

737 Classic wing with a winglet

Arizona State University

Final descent

Smooth landing on runway 25L

Speed brake/spoilers and the FedEx ramp

We turned off of runway 25L and the F/As did their usual speech, but the guy talking was indicative of WN, since he started cracking jokes like, “Thank you for flying the only airline where bags fly free and, we do love your money. If you are on one of our connecting flights, flight information is listed on the computer monitors inside the airport, and if you are connecting with another airline, well good luck with that.” Also, the captain turned off the seatbelt sign while we were still easing into the gate, so everyone started unbuckling and getting up to which he told everybody to wait. Once we stopped, then he said “Okay now everybody get out.”

The CO “Eco-skies” 737-800 reg. N76516 and a Continental Express ERJ

AS 737-700, UA A320, and UX CRJ-700

PHX airport and a Midwest E-jet parked on the other side of the airport. I remembered that WN pilots tend to taxi much faster than others, and today was no exception, as I could tell that we were taxing much faster than I ever had before.

The D terminal

All Canyon blue – I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see a theme plane today

Taxing by fast

An older 737-700

AA MD-80

The whole wing — we are parked at gate C2

I really love this upholstery, and the seats were much better than AS’s. The cushion was much thicker and more supportive.

My seat

At this point, I decided to wait a few minutes after people got off, so that I could get a picture of the flight deck. While I was in the galley area asking the FO if I could have a quick picture, I could have sworn that I got a whiff of cigarette smoke in the galley. Well, going back to the flight deck picture, I think because of the fact that I asked the FO if I could have a quick picture of the flight deck, not the cockpit, he talked aviation with me a little bit. He mentioned that this was a -300 and that this plane had a glass cockpit. He said that it was a lot more fun to fly the -300 with the glass cockpit, but WN was retiring these planes in the next few years because they use too much fuel. He asked if PHX was my home, and I told him that I lived in SEA. He then told me that I would probably be flying on a -700. I also mentioned that I heard that WN was getting -800s, and he said that it was in the cards, but they would not come until at least 2012.

Glass flight deck of the 737 Classic

N651SW from the terminal

I looked at the flight screen, and it showed my gate as being just a few down the C gates, at gate C8. The flight was on-time, so I had about 40 minutes before boarding. Time to try to “work-off” 3 days worth of In N Out!

My ride from ONT pictured from the moving walkway in between piers/concourses. When I was on all of these walkways, I could feel the triple degree heat from the outside. Also, when you got to the end of these walkways, there was a looping track that told you to watch out because the walkway was ending.

This is like SFO

This plane was parked kind of close. Look at the tall winglet!

I wanted to make sure I had the reg. of my plane

I like this angle

737-300 and a 737-700

These -500s are becoming more or less rare because WN based them out of Texas to replace all of the -200s, and also because they really only have 25 of them. From this angle parked so close, I don’t think the -500 looks as small as it really is.

This plane is definitely parked really close

737 Classic tails and a US A319 on the WN side of the airport

Stuff under construction

The bridge to the US side of the airport

This picture would have been great if everything wasn’t so washed out, but I was trying to speed things along to get the WN plane on arrival


Here’s a good picture of the Express ramp – I had finally gotten off of the moving walkway

BA 747-400

Big engine and the US Airways hanger

A typical US Airways gate

This Burger King has a little bit of sentimental value to me, because this was where we ate a late lunch on our way back from PVD in 2001 on a 2 hour layover. We were booked on CO routing ONT-IAH-PVD-IAH-ONT, but IAH was closed due to thunderstorms on the way back so they rebooked us PVD-CLE on Continental Express, CLE-PHX on Continental, and PHX-ONT on America West. CO gave us $30 worth of food vouchers or so in PVD and we used them here in PHX. Our flight back to ONT was here in the B gates, and I was really hoping that we would be flying on a plane in the new HP colors. However, one of the very few 737-200s that were in the old HP colors taxied into our gate and I was not happy. Looking back on it however, I was glad to have flown on the 737-200.

After walking down the end of this concourse, I decided to head back and go quickly visit the other US concourses since I was on a little bit of a time crunch.

Interior of PHX

US Airways logo

One of the many CRJ-900s here in PHX

This flight was headed to Guadalajara and I believe it was overbooked too. There was a Mexican lady trying to speak to a CSA about documents, and the CSA was doing his best not to lose his patience, since the lady kept asking him questions and not leaving him alone as he was already doing something else, trying to prepare for boarding.

After that, I got back on the moving walkway and headed west to the other US Airways concourses.

I remember when these gates were filled with HP 737s and A320s. Now, it is filled with a lot of Mesa CRJ-900s.

A look back on where I just was

CRJ tails

Crew on this US Airways Express CRJ-200 flight to Des Moines

This young chick talking on the phone was the Captain of the CRJ…

US A320

US 737-300

Airbuses in the background, and the nose of another Airbus here

After reaching the end of this concourse, I decided that it was now time to turn around and go back to my gate at the other side of the airport, even though there was still one more US Airways concourse/pier that I had not visited.


Quickly with the iPhone

A319 and a 737-300

This is the carpet that they had all over the airport

The bridge back to the WN side

Southwest’s hanger and one of Southwest’s 737-300s

Southwest in Phoenix

This was taken from across the hallway

A 737-700 with a satellite

N292WN and N294WN

The flags that they have – similarly displayed like in DFW

The Southwest and US Airways terminal here in PHX is named Terminal 4, the Barry M. Goldwater Terminal.

I finally got back to gate C8, and the boarding area was crowded. The flight was almost all the way full, about 90 to 95%, so there was no use in volunteering to get bumped.

N764SW was my ride to SEA. I was hoping for a 900 or 200 series, or even a 400 series since those were all newer.

Southwest Airlines #263
August 14, 2010
Boeing 737-700 (N764SW)
6:40 PM – 9:35 PM
Gate: C8
Seat: 17A (again)

Once I got back to my gate, I was still waiting around for a few minutes. The boarding hall was definitely crowded, so there wasn’t much room to sit down or anything so I just stayed standing. I was also in group B as #2, so there was an even longer wait and I knew that I might have a little bit of difficulty trying to get a window seat on the left so that I could see the sunset.

These are the pillars that tell everybody where to stand

These are the TV monitors that also tell people where to stand. This flight had more Business Select people than the other one, so I knew that there were definitely at least 50 people ahead of me.

Once A was gone, I lined up in my spot, B2. Luckily I was at the very front of the B group, but there was this huge family with a single mom and four kids in front of me, claiming that she had A60 and B1. How is it possible for 5 people to have 2 spots? Anyways, one of the kids was Black and the rest of the family was like white-trash, which is clientele that exists at WN, but not as much from other carriers. The Black kid kept complaining, and the mom was showing her impatience with him. They went through, and then I went through, giving the CSA my home computer-printed boarding pass that when scanned, made the seatbelt sign sound. I slowly made my way into the jetway, where there was a line. After about a minute or two, I was inside the plane, and the plane was very hot, much hotter than I have ever experienced, but then again it was about 108 degrees outside. I was also looking down the aisle to see if there were any window seats on the left side. Luckily there were several closer towards the back, so I knew I was fine. Eventually, I made it past the emergency exit, and it turns out that row 17, the same row that I was in coming from ONT, was open again so I took it for the hell of it, since the pictures were good here.

The 737NG interior

View out the window

Right now, I still had the row to myself, so I put my backpack under the middle seat in front of me. The F/As came on to say that this would be a full flight, and that every seat will likely be filled (not true; there were several seats in the last 3 rows that were empty) and that if you were trying to avoid eye contact with people or if you were putting your stuff on seats to save them, that it would be no use because it would be a full flight. Sure enough, a couple in their 30s soon came to my row, asking if any of the seats were taken. I said no and I moved my backpack to my own seat. The lady introduced herself and so did her husband and I introduced myself. Coincidentally, the lady looked a lot like, and sounded a lot like my neighbor from across the street. Anyways, this couple was from Texas and they were traveling up to SEA to see the husbands’ grandparents. They said that they had been traveling all day, originating in DAL, then flying to El Paso, then Phoenix, and now Seattle. I asked them why they didn’t take AA out of DFW, and they told me that it was cheapest this way. They also said that on their flight from ELP, their plane was so old that it did not have the “wingtip” on the edge of the wing. (Little did they know that this plane also didn’t have the wingtip at first and that they just put on a few years ago.) This was a very nice couple, and the lady sitting next to me also took many pictures out the window. Pretty soon, we pushed and the F/As came on to say that flight time would be 2 and a half hours, and did the safety demonstration, but I do not remember a second of it as I was looking outside. However, the cabin was still blazing hot and so the F/As told everyone to crank their vents all the way open so that the plane would cool down faster. There were also a few people using the menus in the seatback pocket to fan themselves. I did my part and put down the shade of the window I was not using, but we put it back up once we were on our takeoff roll because the lady wanted pictures and it was a bit cooler.


Company 737-300 landing on 25L

On pushback, starting up the engines

It was a short taxi to runway 25R, where we were waiting for about a minute. The lady then asked me how often I flew, and I said once or twice a year. She said that today was her first time flying in 30 years (she was 38) and her husband’s first time in 20 years. She also said that flying was not exactly her favorite thing to do, and that she hated the takeoffs and landings, but in between she felt fine. She used to love it when she was 8 years old, because every weekend, she would fly on WN from South Padre Island to Dallas to see her dad. But now that she was older, she couldn’t take it as well.

Take-off roll – she also took this picture. She commented that this pilot must be in a hurry because the takeoff was pretty powerful.

The 73G is a hotrod plane, and this was a pretty steep takeoff. She was definitely feeling the G-forces. There were several of these 707s parked here.

The whole wing on departure

Right turn – when the husband looked out the window, he commented that he could not see the ground anymore and wondered where it was. Once we evened out, then he saw what had happened.

The inner portion of the wing

Red clouds

The sun will be setting in about an hour. (And once it does, I am going to bore you with all of the sunset pictures that I took)

737NG engine

In the high clouds

The desert

Another wing shot

Those were the high clouds we were in

By now, the Captain came on to say that we have reached cruising altitude of 39,000 feet and the F/As started coming down the aisle taking drink orders. At this point, the APU was powered down a little bit and the air from the vents got weaker, but the cabin was still a little warm.

One of the F/As she had like rows 16 to 8 or something like that, and this was the same set up on the other flight

Our F/A came and I ordered a Sprite again. When she was in the back making the orders, the lady next to me and her husband each had a bag of Corn Nuts. The lady offered me some so I took a few.

Another F/A came down the aisle with a basket full of Cheese Nips and peanuts

10 minutes later, my drink came.

The horizon


The bright light

The moon

Our F/A came by to take away the trash and she mumbled if we had wanted anything else, to make sure that people did not reorder drinks because she was lazy. And in fact, that was the last time I saw her for an extended period of time because not many people heard her and so not many people reordered. On the other hand, the other F/A working the rows in front of us must have been good because she was working hard the entire flight.

Sunset by the engine. The lady and I were now taking a lot of pictures.

These are the trays that are used




This picture is just cool

The moon was really close to the winglet

The moon is even closer to the winglet

Close-up of the winglet

After all of these pictures, a lot of people were asleep, especially the couple from Texas who had been up since 4 AM Western time. Some people were leaning on their tray tables asleep.

I believe that this is the Snake River

About ten minutes after passing that river, the Captain came on to say that we were beginning our initial descent into SEA and that we would be passing a big rock on the left side of the plane. The couple next to me asked me what that big rock was and it was Mt. Rainier. As we were flying by Mt. Rainier, the plane banked left a little bit, so we were flying almost perfectly parallel to the mountain. It was a very minor turn, so I am wondering if that was from ATC, or if the flight deck did that to give us a better view.

Mt. Rainier

This is kind of spiritual

Flying by

The shadow of Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier is a glacier, and a dormant volcano

After passing Mt. Rainier, we banked right on approach to SEA where the Captain said that temperatures were about 84 degrees.

Port of Tacoma

Puget Sound

We were now on approach to SEA going north, and we landed smoothly on runway 34L. After exiting, we then had a somewhat long taxi back to the B gates. Our gate tonight was B10, and it took them several minutes to get the door open. Once the door was open and people were leaving, the couple and I bid each other goodbye. I also told them to enjoy Washington state and for them to have a good trip.

Company plane

The seatbelts that WN has are different

Before getting off, I asked the Captain if I could get a shot of the flight deck, to which he stepped aside and let me in.

After getting a shot, I thanked him and was on my way. Baggage claim was no trouble and I didn’t have to wait long, and my soda made it just fine.

In conclusion, I had a great time. AS is always a great airline with great customer service, and it would be like the end of the world to me if they merged with another airline (because everyone on a.net seems to think that they should merge with someone, which in reality, AS is doing just fine alone). WN was a fun airline too, and I really like their seats and their upholstery. The only thing though, is that if you fly WN, then you really need to make sure that you are checking-in exactly 24 hours before. I still love ONT, but it is a big shame that traffic was so drastically cut back by the recession. It is a great little airport, and it definitely beats LAX's lines and delays and even BUR's lack of facilities (not the tarmac part) any day of the week. I also hope that I have caught and spelling and grammactical errors. That concludes my trip to ONT, my former hometown airport!

Re: ONT-PHX-SEA on WN (Longer and more pics)
August 20, 2010 05:16AM
I would love to fly Southwest. I just wish I didn't have to drive to BHM to do so.

iPhone for 4:13 PM so that I can check-in using the Southwest Airlines App on my phone
They were talking about doing this on Airliners.net just this week.

to get done with the ignorant guy next to me who did not know how to operate the kiosk
Delta and Northwest have/had easy kiosks. Even my aviation-clueless brother can figure them out. It never seemed like rocket science to me.

I am still refusing to take pictures of a security area.
They don't much care for that, but I usually forge on anyway

I commented to the A21 lady that this was such a hassle
It really is. For some reason the TSA doesn't like that my shoes are size 15. I guess they think the space is used for hiding bombs rather than my feet...

US Airways Express CRJ-900 to PHX
737 > CRJ any day of the week

My view – also my first 737 classic with winglets.
A rarity! It's been a lllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time since I've flown a 737 classic, let alone a -300.

The rental car lot – all companies share the same building and the same lot
Same at ATL. There's a giant facility across I-85 that they just opened. I need to take the new train over there and have a look.

at this point my camera batteries died so I spent the entire replacing the batteries. (I came prepared this time!)
I thought I lost my camera's batteries going to ORD. When I sat down I accidentally popped open the cover and they fell out. I couldn't find them anywhere until a last ditch effort of digging in my bag.

I still have the other and I don’t know when or if I will ever eat it
Always good to have something remember. I still have a Northwest bag of peanuts from 2005 (among other random cups and napkins and such). It's not something I'll ever forget I don't think. I got those on my first and only A319 flight.

Look at the tall winglet!
You never realize how big winglets are until you see them in person.

This Burger King has a little bit of sentimental value to me
I definitely have that alot of places, in ATL and elsewhere too. I like visiting old departure gates and restaurants too (a la Burger King). Popeyes at ATL Concourse B comes to mind immediately, as well as Auntie Anne's Pretzels on Concourse E at ORD and McDonalds at Delta's terminal at LAX (We flew from gate 58A. Not sure on the terminal number)

A 737-700 with a satellite
They don't have PTVs do they?

but then again it was about 108 degrees outside
One of the things I remember about Arizona was that the heat didn't kill me. Here it sucks because it will be 96-97 degrees but humidity will be 80-90%. (Can you say, non-working sweat mechanism?)

The 73G is a hotrod plane
I still can't figure out why my 73G flight on Airtran was much less than full power. It was kind of disappointing, since I've felt takeoffs on -800 and they're great. I can only imagine the -700 is even better. I don't think anything will top my 757 takeoff from ORD last month. We took off in 4,100 feet! I'm not talking about a light load either. This was a 757 with 100% load factor!

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Re: ONT-PHX-SEA on WN (Longer and more pics)
August 20, 2010 07:20AM

I would love to fly Southwest.
It is a much different experience than flying any other airline, especially the open-seating policy.


It never seemed like rocket science to me.
Yeah, working this thing was easy to me. I really do not know what he couldn't get, since he said aloud "I don't know how to do this s***." so the CSA had to show him that he was looking for a confirmed booking, and that he had to enter his confirmation code. But I guess the clientele at WN is much different than any other airline.


For some reason the TSA doesn't like that my shoes are size 15.
That's funny, what do they do?


737 > CRJ any day of the week
Definitely. After flying 2 of them in a row, I don't acknowledge CRJs as real airliners (like a 717 or a 737). I really hope that the industry will stop outsourcing to regionals so much and go back to using smaller mainline planes like the C-Series or the E-jets if it's too expensive to fly 737s or A318s, or A319s. In the past, HP would fly this route with 732s, 733s, and later A319s and A320s mixed in. Once the 732s were retired, they replaced them with those oversized CRJs.


It's been a lllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time since I've flown a 737 classic, let alone a -300.
Me too, the last classic that I flew on before this was an AS 737-400 to LAS four years ago. I personally think that they are built better than the NGs, since I don't think there is as much wind noise and noise from the air circulation.


I still have a Northwest bag of peanuts from 2005
And since the NW brand doesn't exist anymore, that bag is even more special


(We flew from gate 58A. Not sure on the terminal number)
That would very likely be Terminal 5, since LAX numbers their gates according to what terminal they are in, (except for the Tom Bradley International Terminal) for instance gate 30 is in Terminal 3 and gate 71A would be in Terminal 7, and gate 58A is in Terminal 5. DL also has terminal 6 at LAX, but it is also shared with United, Continental, Allegiant, Frontier, jetBlue, Spirit (ew), and AirTran. Those gates are numbered 60 through 69B.


They don't have PTVs do they?
No, those satellites are for their Row 44 internet access, just like at Alaska. WN does not offer any other form of IFE. (except maybe the F/As who are trying to do stand-up comedy)


Here it sucks because it will be 96-97 degrees but humidity will be 80-90%. (Can you say, non-working sweat mechanism?)
Oh yes, same thing here sometimes. I can easily handle 100+ degrees down in CA, but the humidity here makes things a lot worse. Luckily this summer is not as humid as last year, and last week weather was comparable to CA, nice heat but low humidity. Now, it's back to the usual cloudy, wet 65 degree temperatures that I have to put up with in August.


It was kind of disappointing, since I've felt takeoffs on -800 and they're great.
Was that your first 73G? Looking at both this one and the one from Continental out of CUN, the 737-700's takeoffs are probably the next best and closest thing to the 757.


I don't think anything will top my 757 takeoff from ORD last month. We took off in 4,100 feet! I'm not talking about a light load either. This was a 757 with 100% load factor!
Well that is definitely impressive! I'm sure that I have never experienced anything like that before. The 757 never ceases to amaze me, economically flying short flights like SFO-SEA at UA, and also flying long flights to Europe on CO and AA.

Re: ONT-PHX-SEA on WN (Longer and more pics)
August 20, 2010 07:03PM

That's funny, what do they do?
Search them like crazy wondering what on earth could possible fill the shoe.

Was that your first 73G?
First and only to this point. I would imagine I'll get another chance when I fly Airtran again.

The 757 never ceases to amaze me, economically flying short flights like SFO-SEA at UA
Most all of my 757 flights have been short hops to JAX, CVG, ORD and IAD, and also a DTW-BOS flight too, but it's also carried me transcon to SFO. It can pretty much do it all.

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