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Posted by bluewhale 
August 19, 2010 08:47AM
*This trip report is divided into sections because together, they are extremely long and have a lot of pictures, so much so that together, it would take way too long to load.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Winglet

I’ll first start with background before I get the ball rolling. It had been a very long time since I flew last, and I had wanted to fly somewhere just for the hell of it. It was June, and after looking, I initially found a day trip that I wanted to do. This trip would have routed SEA to LAS on an AS 737-900, LAS to LAX on an AA 737-800, LAX to SFO on a VX A320, and SFO to SEA on a VX A319 for about $200. The flight would have left early in the morning and come back at night, giving me 4 hours or so in LAX for In N Out and spotting. However, I instead decided to visit my friend from the Inland Empire/ONT area that I had also visited in my trip down to LAX when I took the AS MD-80. Since this was my trip and only my trip, I booked all the flights. For me, the object of the game was to fly on one of the two AS 737-900 SEA-ONT flights because it was a big deal for ONT to be getting a 737-900 from AS, given that flights are normally on 737-400s or 737-700s and on rare occasions, 737-800s if ONT got lucky. The other object of the game was to find the longest (or most ridiculous for non-aviation enthusiasts!) way possible back to SEA because flying SEA-ONT-SEA would just be boring. I searched everywhere, including at UA, QX, DL, and WN since they all had the same fares that AS had to be competitive. UA had a 3-stop through San Francisco, Medford, and Portland that I had wanted to take, but the layover in Medford would have been too long (Medford is like ONT and BUR: spotting is horrible) and the whole itinerary was on CRJs, and EMB-120s. I finally decided on a WN flight through PHX, since that combo took the most time out of the other WN offerings through SJC, OAK, and SMF.

About a week before, I began to get anxious and everyday I would look at what reg. numbers flew my flight by checking on ACARS. I was hoping to not get N302AS, since I had already flown on that plane twice. Luckily, ACARS showed that 302 was mainly a PHX, LAS, LAX, SFO, and ANC plane and that it had only been through ONT once in the past month. The planes that did appear the most were N303AS, N306AS, N315AS, N317AS, or N318AS. I was hoping that we would somehow get N318AS, the new Disneyland plane, since that plane had operated this flight several times already. I also checked the seatmap everyday for my flight, in hopes of getting the whole row to myself since the flight was only about 2/3rds of the way full. The new plan now was if someone sat in my row, then I would try to upgrade to First Class the day of the flight for $50. I kept thinking about it more and more, how AS serves good food in F and how the seats were much nicer than in Y. Also, I have never ever flown F before so I wanted to do it even more. I found it amazing how quickly the numbers changed within that week, since people kept booking and booking and seats started disappearing faster as the departure date appeared. Sure enough, someone booked the aisle in my row. That means that I would try to upgrade to F.

The day before my flight, I also watched a clip from “Up in the Air” in which George Clooney played a savvy traveler whose goal in life was to fly 10 million miles on AA. I watched the clip in which he went through security smoothly and gracefully so that I could try to impersonate him at security the next day. Before bed, I checked on ACARS to see where N318AS was, and it had operated flight 605 from LAS and had a RON here in SEA. The chances of me flying that plane had just significantly increased. Being excited about flying down to ONT, I could not seem to fall asleep until after midnight which was bad because I would have to wake up and leave the house by 4:30 AM. So my clock rings at 4:10 AM to “Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics and I lied there in bed until the song ended. After that, I did the ol’ morning routine and my dad and I left at 4:30, right on schedule.

The luggage

It was still dark and there were few people on the road driving. About 5 minutes from the airport, it also started to drizzle, so I was now more than glad that I would be finally getting out of Washington. Within 20 minutes, we were at SEA. Since the road into SEA goes by Concourse D and the North Satellite, I could see all of the planes parked, but it was too dark for pics. Sure enough, N318AS was parked at gate D11 along with countless other AS 737NGs that were in the normal white colors. At the curb, I said goodbye to my father and went inside to see if I would be flying out of gate D11 where the Disneyland plane was. To my satisfaction, the flight screens did in fact have gate D11 listed as my flight to ONT! I did a little Tiger Woods-like fist pump to celebrate and then I went to try to see if I could get into F. I had my iPhone (which will account for several pictures in this report) on the webpage that had the seating chart for my flight, and it only had one F seat on it.

Seating chart the night before – by morning the only F seat left was 3F. I was in row 21.

Seeing that the landside was quite busy, I just decided to go look at the Airport of the Future concept more closely and go through security and inquire about F at the gate.

This configuration was very cool because they could fit about 94 different agents/check-in kiosks in the old space that probably only had at the most, 30. This check-in area was in the space that the normal ticket counters once were, but the area was now divided into two large areas, with kiosks outlining it and check-in baggage shipped off in the middle of these two areas.

mainticket copy
Kiosks outlined the area that I indicated and you can walk through this walkway to security. If you don’t really get what I am trying to describe, say so and I’ll try to explain it better.

So now it was time for security. Luckily the line to wait for ID/Boarding pass check was only 5 minutes maximum, but it took another 5 minutes to wait to go through the metal detector. Once there, I did security “Up in the Air” George Clooney style, and I got my bin and immediately put my shoes, liquids, phone, wallet, and ticket in it and my backpack and suitcase followed it on the belt. After passing through, I gathered my things but the lady behind me gave me the boarding pass that I had left in the bin! So much for George Clooney. But since I was alone, I quickly packed up the rest of my stuff and power walked all the way down to the end of Concourse D at gate D11 where Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck were waiting for me.

My beautiful plane!

Once I was at D11, I saw several people taking up several seats asleep. I was thinking that they had been there all night. After gazing at the second theme plane that I would be flying ever (the other was the Silver One at WN) I put on my Alaska 75th Anniversary logo pin and walked over to the large ticket counter that housed gates D8, D9, D10, and D11 to inquire about an upgrade. A CSA was standing around the D11 side of the big counter and I asked her if she was working the ONT flight. She said no she wasn’t but asked if I had a question about the ONT flight. I asked her if there were any upgradable First Class seats available, to which she logged into the computer and checked for me. After about 2 minutes, she told me that it was fully booked. I thanked her a lot for checking and she apologized that I did not get what I had wanted. Oh well, I’m not worrying anymore and I didn’t get F but at least I got to fly on the Disneyland plane! The customer service that I got is really evidence that AS is a great airline to fly! Boarding was at 6:40 AM for a 7:10 AM departure and it was now only about 5:30 AM. That means it was time for my “morning walk” or my expedition around the airport! I first decided to go to Concourse A and work my way back to D. I also wanted to visit the South Satellite as I have never ever been there, and I have never had the chance to do so. To get to Concourses A and B, one has to go through the Pacific Marketplace in the middle of the airport.

Pacific Marketplace

The big window – great for spotting QX Q400s when it’s light out

The flight screens we have in SEA. Sorry it’s blurry but I had to be fast since I didn’t want to be known as that guy who is taking pictures of a departure screen.

Children play area at the start of Concourse A

Concourse A

Coffee spill

Abstract art I guess

By now I was pretty much at the end of Concourse A which meant that I was now at the very Southern tip of the airport. Here at the end, the only people here were nighttime cleaning crews and janitors who were gathered talking and starting to wrap things up. This part of the airport was like their base since there were janitor carts with their cleaning supplies parked all over the place. I decided to turn back around and go to the S gates.

Concourse A interior – this is the only part of the airport that has moving walkways. This is also one of several active servicemen in uniform who were at the airport that morning.

Another man in uniform at gate A7

After Concourse A ended, there was an escalator on the right that led down to the underground train station to the South Satellite.

Train station – sorry it’s blurry but phone cameras are much more settle than regular cameras

My train to the S gates but it would first stop at Concourse B.

I got on the train along with everybody else and it was fairly packed. Whilst waiting for the train to come, I could have sworn that there was a blonde girl about my age who smiled at me – probably because I was wearing a University of California Santa Barbara shirt and I was holding an iPhone, or I was suffering from sleep deprivation and she was smiling at someone else. Who knows? Also, on the train going to the S gates, there was another blonde woman standing in front of me with two little kids, one about first grade or so and the other in a stroller. The funny thing however, is that she looked kind of like Lady Gaga without all of the weird-ass makeup and whatnot, and she looked really young, almost my age. Alright, off-topic.

The train ride was what you’d normally expect out of an underground train, and personally there wasn’t anything too special about it. The train made a quick stop at the B gates, where nobody got on or off. We started up again in about 10 seconds and in about 2 minutes, the doors opened and I got out. Straight ahead, there were two long escalator flights up to the S gates. Once I got up there, my first thought was that it unsurprisingly mimics the North Satellite where UA, AS, and AC are. But I was somewhat disappointed that I never had a chance to come here when NW was still there. With DL here dominating the S gates, it definitely felt foreign. So I just walked around the whole satellite and once again, this terminal had a food court in the middle. I also found a few more people asleep on the floor and taking up benches. Seeing this was a bit of a disservice to me since I only got 4 hours of sleep at the very most.

First thing I saw – DL (NW) 757-300

Concourse A with 3 US Airbuses and 1 VX Airbus and a 1 F9 Airbus – this is supposed to be Boeing’s city, what happened!?

DL 757-200 – note the HA 763 sitting in DL’s hanger in the back

Another DL 757-200 loading up for ATL

This is AS’s special theme plane where they opened up a contest for students in Alaska to design the livery. Reg. is N705AS.

Icelandair 757-200 with an AA MD-80 parked in the back and WN 737 on the right

AS’s other hanger

Sorry about the quality

Food Court – you can cut across here instead of walking all the way around

DL’s (formerly NW’s) SEA airport lounge – it had automatic doors like department stores do

DL 767-300 probably also headed to ATL later – I’m going to miss these colors too

The unimpressing interior of the S gates

One of many ads for new Beijing service

So after walking around this terminal twice, I decided it was now time to go since I had other places to visit. Now, it was down the two escalators to the trains.

The escalator ride

Once down here, there was a big Customs and Immigration checkpoint fenced off next to the train stop. I didn’t get any pictures because there were cameras all over the place. I did however have this whole floor to myself since there were no flights arriving and thus no people trying to leave the S gates except me.

Took this picture of the map of SEA while waiting for the train

Once the train arrived, everybody on it got out and I was the only person who got on. I felt odd and out of place being the only guy on this 3-car train, so I just took a seat.

Interior of the SEA train

The train then took me back to the A gates where I got off. I am pretty sure that it was a weird sight for the train to roll in and for it to only have me as the only person sitting in it. As a result, I quickly got off the train, avoided eye contact with everybody and quickly made it back upstairs. Next stop was the B gates, where WN, CO, and a F9 A320 were. This was the terminal that HA used when I flew them, but they have now since moved to the A gates. I worked my way down Concourse B and turned around at the end. After that, I paid a quick visit to the C gates.

CO 737-900ER sporting a new Star Alliance logo with a reflection of a Toyota ad on the wall

I was surprised this F9 A320 was parked here at the B gates because there was a F9 A319 parked in Concourse A and that is where F9 is also assigned.

US A319 in the Star Alliance colors headed for CLT

Tails at the A gates, and a WN 737-300. You can see the F9 A319 in between the 2 VX Airbuses

This is now the C gates

The end of the C gates

I looked at the clock and it was now about 6:20, so I figured now is the time to head back to D11.

AS’s airport lounge, named the “Alaska Airlines Board Room” located right after security in between the fork between the C gates and the D gates

I’ve flown this plane before – it’s the first plane ever that I actually took down the reg. number of when I flew on it ONT-SEA 7 years ago. This plane was parked at gate D2, the same gate that I flew out of one time going to LAS.

Now I come back and the lighting is much better for a photo

Seeing as how boarding has not yet started and how all of the waiting area seats were all gone, I decided to quickly go the bathroom and take more photos.

I took this photo to show how much of UA’s territory in the N gates has been lost to AS with UA’s cutbacks over the years. In this picture there are 8 AS planes (with the 75th anniversary plane) compared to two UA planes and one hiding in the back.

Light rail that goes to Downtown Seattle

Mickey peaking above gate D10’s jetway – I took this picture to try to show how much of a big f****** deal this was for me to fly on N318AS (as Joe Biden would say)

Another photo of N318AS before I board – taken with the iPhone

By now, it was about 6:35 and boarding was getting underway. I stood by the line, and they first started with people sitting in F, then Alaska Airlines Mileage MVP and MVP Gold members, then finally general boarding starting with the back half of the plane first (I don’t specifically remember the row numbers) and then the front half of the plane. I got in line and there was a lady in front of me who had to check in her baby’s car seat. So the CSA ringing all the tickets quickly got out a form and filled it out, which still took another 2 or 3 minutes. I WANT TO GET ON THE MICKEY MOUSE PLANE REALLY BAD!!! While waiting in line, I took this picture:

The airside of SEA – Toyota always has a big ad on that billboard for everyone to see

By now, ANOTHER guy was now in front of me because he was an F passenger and he just got there. I politely waited not showing my impatience. After that, it was my turn and the CSA said, “Okay, let’s see what you’ve got,” probably hoping that I did not require any more special documents or any last minute check-in baggage. She scanned the boarding pass that I had printed at home and I was in. She then thanked me by name and I was off. Other airlines don’t do that unless you’re in F!

Alaska Airlines #530
August 10, 2010
Boeing 737-900 (N318AS)
7:10AM – 9:43AM
Gate: D11
Seat: 21F

Courtesy of the iPhone – there’s the guy in F who cut me because he has an F line that gets priority over Y. But hey, here’s Minnie Mouse, the GoGo WiFi sticker, and a picture of our plane posted on the wall of the galley!

Here’s the Y cabin of the plane. All of these seats have leather upholstery. The seats in the middle rows are black and grey and the seats in the front and back of the Y cabin are taupe and grey.

Right now, the cabin was pretty empty as I was one of the first non-special MVP or F passenger to board. As a result, I accidentally passed row 21 and for a moment, forgot which row I was in. So I quickly got back to row 21, where the guy who took the aisle seat was already seated. So I put my suitcase in the overhead bin wheels in first to which the F/A walking down the aisle told me “Good job!” and patted me on the back. I guess I am special after all, or I am just a really smart traveler wearing an Alaska Airlines 75th Anniversary pin on my shirt, or any combination of the three. After that, the Asian guy drinking a Starbucks let me in and then I got settled. My first impressions of this seat after not being in one for three years were that it really lacked cushion and lumbar support, especially when compared to UA from a year ago. Earlier, I used to love these seats except for the fact that they were slippery, but now that I’m old, I need more cushion and more lumbar.

A look out the window

Another look out the window

While waiting, I watched the people get on the plane and I also watched many people put their suitcase in the overhead bin wrong, putting it in on the side instead of wheels in first. I also overheard a passenger ask what loads were like and the F/A answered that we weren’t full yet, but we will be soon since there were many other passengers from other ONT and LA area flights being put on our flight. The lead F/A also came on the intercom to say that “It may seem empty in here right now, but eventually, every seat will be filled.” At that point, I gave up my hope of having the middle seat open. After about 5 more minutes, there came a middle aged Asian woman, her older son who was about my age, and another son who was in middle school. This family took the middle seats 20, 21, and 22, so they must have been from a previous flight, as these seats were open as of two hours ago when I inquired about an upgrade. The guy who was my age sat next to me and asked me how my trip was, since I was wearing my Santa Barbara shirt. I told him that I actually lived in SEA and not anymore in Socal, and then we got to talking more before we pushed. He was a cool dude and I had no complaints. However he didn’t really like following the rules and put down his tray table only a few minutes before we pushed, so the F/A had to prompt him to put his table up, but she did it for him because he was too slow. Towards the end, another family with small kids came on board and the mom had her hands full. The F/A helped her with her baggage, since she was taking a very long time with everything. To make matters worse for the mom, her husband missed the flight because he had to quickly go back down to the landside to check-in a bag. The same F/A that helped her and told me good job with my bag had really apologized to her that the door had already been closed, and that her husband could take the 5:15 PM flight. This flight seemed to have a lot of little kids. About 2 minutes later, we slowly pushed back out of our corner gate.

All of the water on the window, and gate D11 in the background. D11 is a very tight gate to get into.

The C gates, and one of several 737-800s with a lei. AS also had a lot of advertisements about how they fly to 4 of the Hawaiian Islands nonstop from SEA: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

The tarmac – have you ever seen so much AS? Years ago, seeing this always amazed me that AS was seemingly huge compared to the presence that they had in ONT.

I’ve also flown on this plane from ONT, as the same flight as the other plane that I mentioned. This is one of very few planes that have a satellite on it. I think that this was one of the planes that was testing Row 44 internet, but AS instead went with Gogo.

Alaska 737-800 with a lei parked at UA’s old terminal

Our flaps are drawn

UA 757-200 and gate N10 and N11

AC E190

Two 737s hanging around the freight area

FedEx DC-10!

FedEx’s ramp

This DC-10 followed us to runway 17L

Side view of the DC-10, too bad they are only operated by cargo airlines in the U.S. now. But it is still great to see them flying around.

It is evident that this bird used to carry pax, because of all of the plugged windows. After researching it, this bird used to be at World Airways in the 80s and mid 90s.

More of the FedEx ramp just before turning around for 17L.

There may have been two or three planes ahead of us for takeoff, and then we held on runway 17L for about a minute. Then, we spooled up and powered down the runway, with the takeoff pushing me back in my seat. It was pretty powerful and steep and I sat back and enjoyed it.

Winglet shortly after takeoff

Here’s the whole wing

Now we’re more above the clouds

Cool clouds

We were now above FL100 and I took this picture because the lighting was cool in the cabin

Mt. St. Helens

Close-up of the winglet – I love the giant 737NG winglets

The whole wing

The Captain came on now to tell us that we were at cruising altitude and told us that weather in ONT was about 68 degrees and that we would be flying over Lake Tahoe and Mt. Jefferson. He also said that people sitting on the left might be able to see the top of Mt. Hood. He said that he’d tell point out stuff to look out for, which I always enjoy. It’s probably something that I would try to do for my passengers.

The top of Mt. Hood like the Captain said.

Mt. Jefferson

Three Sisters

At this point, the seatbelt sign was now off and the F/As started service. They advertised that they had breakfast skillets and breakfast sandwiches on sale for $6, but was only payable with credit or debit card. The skillets came with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and chicken sausage placed atop country potatoes and were served warm. Since I had forgotten to grab an apple from the house before I left, I hadn’t had breakfast yet and this sounded/smelled delicious. One flight attendant came through first with the hot meals, and then the other two F/As gave out the snacks and drinks. I told her no thanks, but I remarked to the F/A that those skillets do smell good. In return, she chuckled and remarked about my shirt asking if I was in fraternity. Then, she saw the UCSB logo and then she understood because her daughter went there too. She then joked that she would set us up. This was also the same F/A that I had good ties with earlier with my bag. Great F/A! Since this was an even numbered flight, they started in the front and worked their way back.

F/As doing the service – you can also see that this plane had the midsection lavatory

Breakfast – this was Alaska Airlines’ “Gourmet Party Mix” and it had mini pretzels, barbeque corn sticks, and small Cheez-it like crackers. I ordered a cup of orange juice too.

One of the F/As doing service, this wasn’t my favorite one though as my favorite one was doing the cart with the Buy on Board food.

Sierra Nevadas I think

Starting to fly over Lake Tahoe

Over Lake Tahoe

All of Lake Tahoe that I could fit into one frame

At this point, F/As began the second drink service, again starting from the front. Initially, I was going to order another orange juice, but then I saw that they were handing out the entire can to people who asked for sodas, and only poured a cup of juice for others who ordered juice, since AS uses cartons instead of cans. I decided on a ginger ale so I could have a whole can. The rest of the flight continued somewhat uneventfully but I enjoyed the view.

Round 2 – Ginger Ale. I would have grabbed the menu but the F/As went around collecting them from every seat before descent, and they knew that every seat was given one.

Mojave Desert/Central California

All of the water that was on the window at the gate in SEA was now frozen – I’m glad that this was not my primary window!!!

Central California wing view taken with the iPhone

I always stared at this whenever I flew when I was younger, and I always thought the date stamped on this window was when the plane was built. Speaking of the window of this plane, it seemed to rattle and I had to put my hand over it to make it stop since the rattle was noisy and annoying. Now that I’ve flown on a 737NG and an A320, I can definitely say that the A320 is a much quieter and roomier plane.

Some airport in Central Valley, California

At this point, we had begun our initial descent and the F/As started coming down the aisle collecting the trash. One F/A (again not the one that was my favorite) was cracking jokes to her passengers all flight long, and when she came by for the trash; she asked everyone “Do you have any trash or treasures?” Also, during the final check-thru, she also told people to put up their tray tables and their seats back in the original position because the landing gear only comes down when the tables are up.

Left turn just before the San Bernardino Mountains


San Bernardino Mountains

More of the San Bernardino Mountains

At this point, the F/As began their pitch to the passengers about the Alaska Airlines Visa card and how you could earn up to 3 miles for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases, and 1 mile for every dollar you spend on all purchases. They also said that upon approval, cardholders also immediately get 25,000 free Mileage Plan miles that were good for one free roundtrip fare. He then went on to say that there were several passengers on our flight today who had booked using their miles, so it really does work. After his pitch ended, one of the F/As quickly walked down the aisle passing out applications to anyone who wanted them. People either had a choice to fill it out and mail it in, or fill it out and give it to one of the F/As before they leave the plane and the crew would turn in all applications once they returned back to SEA.

The 15 freeway going through Cajon Pass in the San Bernardino Mountains

On descent

We made a right turn around Cajon pass and aligned ourselves along the 10 freeway for approach into ONT.

Rialto Airport

Rialto Airport

This is the 10 freeway and Citrus Ave. The big parking lot you see here is Sunrise Ford, the 2nd largest Ford dealership in California I believe. This is one of the reasons why I love this approach!

Heavy smog – indicative of the Inland Valley

Fontana Raceway!!!

Fontana Raceway

The 10 and 15 freeway interchange. Yes, we are not going straight; we are banking to the right.

Here’s where things got interesting. The pilot started making relatively deep turns at this point, and we were barely 2 miles away from the airport. I’m thinking that either the Captain or the tower changed us from runway 26L to 26R, since that is where we landed. Because the pilot made a deep right turn, I was able to see the Ontario Auto Center:

This is Crown Toyota – I felt like the Captain was almost trying to cater to me because I wanted to see the auto center on approach, but I already knew I was kind of on the wrong side. This photo was taken during a relatively steep (by approach standards) right turn.

As you can see, we are now banking left to compensate for that right turn – we are probably only a football field’s length away from the runway

I feel that this diagram will help you better understand what we did

At the last minute, we get straight and the flaps are fully drawn because we were coming in a little too high and fast – maybe that’s why the Captain switched to 26R, because it is a much longer runway. In reality, I do not know for sure the circumstances surrounding this incident so all I can really do is speculate.

Just before touchdown – this is the middle of Terminal 4 so I knew that we had lost about a thousand feet of runway already. There was only a US Airways Airbus to PHX parked there, but no WN or AA planes.

The plane made a firm touchdown just before we began to pass Terminal 2 here, which is about a quarter of the runway late. We braked and reversed heavily, so much so that I was almost sliding out of my slippery seat. After flying AS again, I can definitely say that I am not a huge fan of AS’s leather Y seats. I think I like the old cloth ones a bit better.

Terminal 2 with a DL Connection CRJ to SLC. The only other plane at this terminal besides us and that CRJ was a Great Lakes Airlines Beech 1900 that does EAS to Visalia, CA and Prescott, AZ.

At this point, the F/As came on to their usual speech about how contents may have shifted in the overhead compartments, and do not unbuckle your seatbelt until we have parked, and that they know you have several choices for traveling to Ontario and that they thanked us for choosing AS. However, they also said that once we were parked, there might be 2 choices of exiting the aircraft: through the front with the jetway or at the aft with stairs. They said that both options should be available because they have been doing it the past few weeks. After about ten seconds, they said that passengers indeed would be able to leave out of the aft stairs since they were there, or that if they had difficulty with stairs, then they can still use the jetway. But for people going out the stairs, they had to stay to the right of the cones and not go under any part of the plane for their safety. That’s more or less the same system that Skywest had in BUR. After that, I was SO leaving out of the aft stairs!

The old terminals

The old terminals never had jetways

DL CRJ parked two gates away – this used to be NW’s gate before they pulled out around 2004 or so. DL used to have two or three gates at the very end of this terminal, which were 211 and 212 and sometimes 210, but ONT had to close that end of the terminal because of low demand. As a result, DL now only has gate 208.

We’re safely parked at gate 206. Gate 207 there used to belong to TWA. TWA was absorbed into AA and all TWA flights (only 2 to STL) moved down to Terminal 4 where AA already was. Then, 207 belonged to Hawaiian Airlines for the one year that they did 1 daily HNL service with DC-10s and then 767-300s. I remember flying on AS once and I saw the DC-10 parked outside from the terminal, and it easily dwarfed everything since this terminal is more or less designed for only narrowbodies. The jetway was also liberally tilted up at the time. But now, 207 belongs to Continental who moved here from Terminal 4 to be close to Delta, back when CO had joined Skyteam.

Everyone is facing backwards! I think the first half of the cabin went out the jetway and most people in the back (except for some of the late people who left their stuff up front) went out the aft stairs.

Just before I went out the door and down the stairs, I told the F/A here that I was surprised that they also using the aft stairs. He (the guy in the vertical picture) told me that they started doing this because they were losing time on turn-arounds. This way he said, it takes half of the time to empty the plane. I told him that I liked this way better and he replied that he did too.

So, down the stairs I went and I obviously had to stop take pictures!

Mickey Mouse

Here’s Pluto! This is proof that I was on the tarmac

It wasn’t very loud out here, but there was a street cleaner driving around that made it loud. That is why the tarmac here is wet. This is gate 205 which is used for QX CRJ-700s departing to PDX. The garage-type building on the right is what we were walking on top of, and there was a staircase that lead us on to the top of it. Another thing noteworthy is that ONT had recently installed glass jetways.

They had these guys walking around to make sure there was no funny business going on. Those are also the cones that we had to walk in between.

Now I’m on the staircase on top of the garage.

Glass jetway – this path that I was walking on would lead right into the airport doors.

N318AS – a B737-900 parked at gate 206 in ONT. Isn’t it beautiful?

A blurry pic of the interior of ONT

United’s side of ONT

Gate 203: one of the many vacant gates at ONT. Long time ago, this gate belonged to Air Canada when they were trying out service for a few months right when this new terminal opened up about 10 years ago.

Gate 206 boarding area

This is really what I had wanted to see – ONT had closed down gates 210 to 213, as shown by the closed doors next to the pay phone.

An actually good picture of the interior of ONT. These people were waiting for a DL flight to ATL on a 757-200 so that’s why it’s so crowded.

757-200 in the new colors scheduled for a flight to ATL. The ATL route used to be at 4 flights a day in its heyday – it was operated on 2 767-300s, 1 767-200 and 1 757-200, and then it became 2 767-300s and 2 757-200s. This only lasted for 6 months when it went to 3 all 757-200s and recently with the recession, just cut down to 1 757-200. Recently, they added back a second flight as a red-eye on a 737-800.

I called my buddies to see when they would be picking me up, and they told me they were a running late. No worries, I’ll just go to the bathroom and take more pictures!

Another photo of my beautiful plane, and a DL CRJ pushing way back so the 757 can get in to the gate that the CRJ just vacated.

Here’s the 757 pulling in to gate 208. Judging by the satellite, this may have been a former Song aircraft. And after checking on a.net, there is no photo of this plane in the new colors and it was indeed a Song aircraft.

I forgot about getting a picture of the Great Lakes plane after I had went downstairs, so there will be no photo of that.

I believe this was the plane there because I remember thinking that the tail looked Frontier Airlines-ish

Baggage claim area – this baggage claim is featured in many different TV commercials

After waiting around for another 5 or 10 minutes or so, I was picked-up and my vacation had begun. Here are some pictures:

Obviously we went to In N Out (at midnight) taken with the iPhone vertically

And again…

And again! This is a special In N Out because the dining area is open air and it either up to the walk-up window or through one of the two drive-through lanes.

I also golfed twice

Then went to In N Out for the third time in five days. Here’s a behind the scenes look.

This guy got in the way!

Building burgers

This is Protein style. My mom always had this when we still lived here, but I’ve never tried it until now. It was messy, juicy, and the all of the sauce dissolved a hole into the bag. After having one, I can say that I definitely prefer the one with the bun, since with the lettuce, it does not taste the same.

I’ve always wondered why it says “Fresh Potatoes,” instead of “Fresh French Fries.”

On my last day, we ate at my favorite restaurant (Vince’s Spaghetti)

Here’s my favorite SoCal store, Stater Bros. before we went to see “Inception” on my last night there.

August 19, 2010 06:13PM
trip report photos taken with cellphones! Classic!

I did too with my trip to New Zealand but haven't found the chance to actually write a report. it takes so long!

Route was:

Wish i can do it some time. Awesome report by the way

August 19, 2010 09:16PM
Luckily I got a chance to read this between my clarinet lesson and Band Conducting. I've been waiting for this!

I did a little Tiger Woods-like fist pump
As long as that's the only thing you did like Tiger Woods

I had my iPhone (which will account for several pictures in this report)
Still waiting on Verizon to introduce that so I can buy it...

This configuration was very cool because they could fit about 94 different agents/check-in kiosks in the old space that probably only had at the most, 30
That's about what Delta did when they set up the south terminal at ATL. Much more space efficient.

The big window
Kind of reminds me of the lobby of the Marriott at SFO. Giant, open area with an excellent view.

Sorry it’s blurry but I had to be fast since I didn’t want to be known as that guy who is taking pictures of a departure screen.
Been there. Done that. The looks can be kind of strange.

DL 757-200
Was there a registration on the -200 without winglets? And I notice the one with winglets going to ATL doesn't have TVs. Those poor, poor people...

Interior of the SEA train
Are those Bombardier CX-100 trains? Those look almost identical to the train in ATL. The only real difference is train length (3 vs 4 cars).

Light rail that goes to Downtown Seattle
How accessible is the museum of flight form that? I would consider going to Seattle if it was close to train station.

This is one of very few planes that have a satellite on it
Always a nice sight smiling smiley

Close-up of the winglet – I love the giant 737NG winglets
I'd like to fly a 737 with winglets during the day so I can see them for real.

because the landing gear only comes down when the tables are up.
The sad thing is that some people would believe it.

At this point, the F/As began their pitch to the passengers about the Alaska Airlines Visa card
Same with Delta and their American Express.

He then went on to say that there were several passengers on our flight today who had booked using their miles, so it really does work.
I can attest to that. My whole mileage booked trip cost me only $7.

Fontana Raceway!!!
Ahh Fontana. On my list of racetracks I need to hit up.

But for people going out the stairs, they had to stay to the right of the cones and not go under any part of the plane for their safety
I remember in CVG and STL when boarding and exiting the ERJ we had to stay in front of the wings, and they had someone out there to make sure we did.

Obviously we went to In N Out (at midnight)
These are things I need on the East Coast...

Sadly I don't have time to read and write a real response to part 2, so I'll do that after Redcoat Practice.

Proud Member Since 2003
August 20, 2010 06:23AM
it takes so long!
I know, this full report took me 3 days straight to write from start to finish (obviously taking breaks in between)

Awesome report by the way
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I've been waiting for this!
I'm glad!

As long as that's the only thing you did like Tiger Woods
Except for trying to golf like him, yes that's the only thing I do Tiger Woods, I'm a gentleman! grinning smiley

Still waiting on Verizon to introduce that so I can buy it...
I would definitely say that it is the best phone ever!

Was there a registration on the -200 without winglets?
No, sorry. Both ACARS and libhomeradar.org don't have a listing and I can't see because the picture is too dark. But the flight number was 2568 on Aug 10th if you are interested in looking it up on BTS later.

Are those Bombardier CX-100 trains?
I would think so since they do kind of look like the ones in your T/R. Wikipedia also says that we do have them here in SEA, so I guess the answer would be yes, but I don't know trains very well.

How accessible is the museum of flight form that?
Here's the website: [www.soundtransit.org] I also punched in "KSEA to Museum of Flight" on google maps under public transportation, and it really isn't bad getting to the museum from the airport. You would take the light rail to the Tukwila station, and then you would hop on bus 124 and that takes you straight up to the museum.

I'd like to fly a 737 with winglets during the day so I can see them for real.
Yes, definitely sit closer to the wing. Those winglets were the greatest thing to me since sliced bread the first time I flew on a plane with them. Hey if you fly to SEA, you can fly on AS and the 737-800 will have them!

The sad thing is that some people would believe it.
I wouldn't be surprised if the couple that I flew next to on PHX-SEA thought that.

My whole mileage booked trip cost me only $7.
One of the times I flew down to ONT was with miles on AS, and it costed me $5 for the 9/11 fee or something like that. Again, I was visiting the same guy.

when boarding and exiting the ERJ we had to stay in front of the wings, and they had someone out there to make sure we did.
That was the same practice in BUR, except in BUR I don't really remember anyone supervising. But in ONT, there were two people there supervising, though neither of them minded me taking pictures.

These are things I need on the East Coast...
I need it so bad, that I was ready to fly down to LAX just to have lunch there! grinning smiley (And do all of the cool flying)

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