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Rank Your Best Flights

Posted by N776AU 
Rank Your Best Flights
May 26, 2010 04:29PM
After this server crash we need to get this place active again. There's no certain number, just rank some of your best flights and tell why.

Delta Flight 1065
March 13, 2009
First, it was a pretty long flight at spot-on 5 hours, but getting there was so much to love about it. It was on a 757, and it had Delta's Live TV on it, which I've fallen in love with. The destination was nice too, and it was the first long trip I took without my parents. It was just my brother and me in San Francisco. Our parents were all the way back in Atlanta.

Delta Flight 74
December 30, 2006
A return flight of all things makes my list. It was on a 767-400. Everything started great with takeoff from runway 25R in LAX, right over the water, with the power feeling comparable to a 757, immediately followed by a very hard left to turn around and head back east. There was no TV or anything, just my good old MP3 player and sights out the window. I saw everything from the Grand Canyon to the city of Dallas.

What happened after was nice too. All of our friends were picked up by their parents and went home, but not us. We went straight to the Georgia Dome and watched Georgia defeat Virginia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl 31-24

Northwest Flight 1499
May 27, 2009
Another return trip, but it was my first flight on the Airbus A330. It's such a beautiful airplane, and gives a great takeoff. The flight went completely normally, but it was just a great one. I can't explain why.

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Re: Rank Your Best Flights
May 27, 2010 03:38AM
Alaska Airlines Flight No. 291
July 11, 2007
We were rebooked onto this flight from the earlier flight (#207) since 207 went MX down in Cabo where the flight originated. I was not happy because taking this flight would have gotten me an AS 737-700 safety card, and thus completing my collection for AS. (To this day, I still do not have a copy of that card!) But this is one of my best flights because I got to sit on my new favorite seat in the 737: the very last row on the right side, where I could recline all the way without bothering the person sitting behind me, and there were great views since there was no wing or engine in the way. Also, the F/A was super super nice and gave me a pack of playing cards (how often does that happen these days?) and we were served warm chocolate cookies. At the end, since we were the last row, I managed to snag a picture of the cabin and of the flightdeck, and the F/A gave me her 75th Anniversary logo pin, which I still have. That was the last AS flight I have flown on to date, and next time I fly, I am going to wear that pin. (This totally sounds like the pre-9/11 days)

Hawaiian Airlines Flight No. 22
December 26, 2007
This was a very relaxing flight and was a great example of HA's great service. I got the seat next to me by myself, so I was basically sitting alone, and we were on a plane with the new 767 interior that features a cup holder on the tray table when it is up and locked. Also, we watched Ratatouille which was a really great movie and we were served good food. The flight went by pretty fast for being a 6 hour flight, since I napped at the beginning, but I was never bored. Whenever I watch Ratatouille now, I think of that flight and how relaxing it was, since I was all by myself and I was on a plane with new interiors.

Alaska Airlines Flight No. 464
August 11, 2005
I really liked this flight because it was my first one alone, it was my first one experiencing AS's new leather seats at the time, and it was also the first time seeing and flying on a 737-700 with winglets. This was before I started collecting safety cards though. The seat next to me was empty, since the guy there moved to the emergency exit row for more room. I remember all through the flight, I stared at the massive winglet outside, and I considered myself the luckiest person of the moment since I got to fly on a wingleted 737 with the new interior. They also served us a scone that had a texture more like a muffin or a cupcake and it was the most delicious thing that I have ever had on a plane, since it was really sweet and had raisins, pecans, and a lot of cinnamon.

United Airlines Flight No. 664
August 23, 2009
This was my first flight on an Airbus, and it was really great because I got to experience UA's great service, and the A320's comfort. The A320 is now one of my favorite planes, and UA is now one of my favorite airlines. The seats felt better than what one typically gets in Y, UA always gave you the whole can, and there was Ch.9.

Re: Rank Your Best Flights
May 27, 2010 07:25AM

worst flights
I also know this one without a doubt. It was my flight home from LGW. I think it was Delta flight 9? My notes from that flight are two rooms away and I'm too lazy to get them. I just remember it being the perfect storm for a bad flight. About the only good thing on that flight was the food (of all things). All three of the movies were terrible, and my MP3 player battery died halfway across the Atlantic. I couldn't sleep at all since it was an afternoon flight. I remember the timing on my watch had me on that 767 just a shade over 10 hours. That's honestly the only time I was happy to step off an airplane.

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Re: Rank Your Best Flights
May 27, 2010 03:32PM
hmm...this is a difficult one. unlike most aviation enthusiasts, i don't get to fly too often so all flights are rather special. also, when i experienced most of my flights, i havent quite realized how much i love aviation so details are sketchy...but the experience is there!

#1 Singapore Airlines, Johannesburg to Singapore, June 2002

Yeap, this was a while ago, when they were still called Megatops. The reason why it was the best was because it was the first time in 7 years that i have flown, and also the first i can remember. Was 10 years old, really fascinated by the Singapore Girl outfits, still remember that i got a Snoopy kiddies pack. and the food was just too good! plus, it was 9 hours long! i also remember watching monsters inc and trying to play games on the ptv. the first 3 hours took place in daylight and then night caught up. i also remember that we (my brothers and I) followed the flight path on our ptvs. also, the view of madagascar was awesome!

the return trip was also pretty memorable, things i remember was that we departed 2am from singapore, had pizza and just slept after a real energy draining holiday. we stopped over at mauritius, and when we took off, all we saw was two beautiful islands lit up in the dark sea...was really a beautful sight, highly recommendable!

#2 1Time, Johannesburg to Cape Town, September 2004
1T ???

This was the most entertaining flight! 1Time.aero (now 1Time.co.za) was recently launched and asked Nando's to sponsor them, lucky me, we flew the Nando's plane, a DC9 painted in red and chilli pictures all over. there were clever puns to go with Nando's aswell such as, "This plane flies at 30000 human feet and 60000 chicken feet" or something, and "Not powered by fuel, but red hot fuel".The best was on the tables : "Guys, we all know how you fantasize about your dream chick sitting next to you, how bout one your plate?". It was also my first LCC flight, and the crew was super nice too. On my return, i didn't get the chicken plane again, but did manage to get into the cockpit and took a picture with the pilot. still have that photo!

3. Hong Kong to Johannesburg, Cathay Pacific, July 2007

Our return trip, having more knowledge of aviation, i was probably more critical on this flight. The aircraft was new and seats pretty comfy. we also had the front two rows in the economy class, have an absolute beautiful view of the engines and everything else. it was also the first time i saw the reverse thrust open upon landing. 12 hours 36 minutes was the exact duration of the flight.

the flight attendant i felt was a drawback. when i pressed my FA bell, he walked past, switched my light off as if it was some mistake and carried on walking to business class. i had to ring it again. not what you expect from a 5 star airline.

The food was good aswell, fruit salad and noodles for breakfast upon arrival. oh i also had CX mango cheesecake on this flight.

Upon arrival, not only did we see the whole engine works and all, i also spotted two very rare spots at OR Tambo, TG A340 and TPA340....

My other memorable flights include CX748 from JNB-HKG, CX MNL-HKG and cebu pacific MNL to CGY (cagayan de oro)

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