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Trip Report Question

Posted by N776AU 
Trip Report Question
March 21, 2010 05:19AM
I took a different approach to my last trip report back in October when I flew to St. Louis. My question to you is: what can I do to keep these reports fresh? I have a better camera now so the pictures will be nicer and videos will be of good quality, but I want to know of other things to add or take out.

It's a bit down the road and not officially planned yet, but suffice it to say I'm plotting

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Re: Trip Report Question
March 23, 2010 01:18AM
Well, all of your trip reports and pictures that accompany it are amazing and they are always very fun to read. I especially like personal anecdotes, a lot of details about your flights, and I like it when you walk around to different terminals and explore and take pictures of the interior of the terminal and of the other action going on at the tarmac. I also liked that extra twist of you talking about your drive to ATL and pictures from the area around ATL and even pictures from your day before you left for the airport, as I have rarely seen that in other trip reports. That was interesting. If anything at all, you could talk a lot about what you thought about the airline, the airport, the service, as it would be great to hear your opinions. It would also be nice to see a flightaware map of your flight to see your route. Don't be afraid to make the report extra long either. Looking forward to it! smiling smiley

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