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A Trip to the 2010 Budweiser Shootout

Posted by N776AU 
A Trip to the 2010 Budweiser Shootout
February 08, 2010 05:08AM
Unfortunately a non-flying trip report, but almost on a whim I had inspiration to go down to Daytona for the Budweiser Shootout, the annual non-points event held a week before the Daytona 500. Unfortunately timing was too late to get a good fare, but it's only a 7 hour drive from Atlanta anyway.

We went down the day of because I had one class Friday until 4:30, and driving back to my house from UGA is an hour by itself, so you can figure the math. The other piece of good news aside from the managable drive was that the race wasn't until 8:00, leaving us plenty of time.

Our day started bright and early, leaving home at 6:00, and arriving at our hotel shortly before 1:00. We checked in and ate a quick lunch before heading to the speedway. Why on earth would anyone want to be at the track 7 hours before the event? There are so many festivities outside, and the ARCA race took place before the main event. If anyone watches Sports Center it was probably the only ARCA race that ever made the show, but only because Danica Patrick was in it, so I guess you could say I saw some history. Rambling over...

We parked and started walking to the grounds. Waiting to cross Speedway Boulevard you could see some of the setup:

The Speed Channel stage from the other side of the street.

The huge track sign...not that a 2.5 mile race track is easy to miss.

The Speed stage from the viewing side.

The stage's TV
There was nothing going on at the speed stage until 6:30, past the time we would be in our seats anyway, so we worked our way over to the midway.

Where all the pre-race fun is!

Souvenir Row. Actually, there were 3 long rows just like this one just filled with driver trailers with all sorts of good stuff.

My favorite driver's trailer, Matt Kenseth. Last Labor Day at Atlanta Motor Speedway I spent $127 at his trailer I didn't spend quite that much this time, just on a new hat since all of my hats of his had the Dewalt logo on it. I needed some new Crown Royal merchandise.

David Ragan signing some stuff in his trailer.
Once we were done there we headed to one or Sprint's fan zones with some trivia and driving simulators among other things.

Their demo car. They actually fired it up a couple times too, and you could hear it everywhere.

The Sprint Cup

Eventually it got to the point where we exhausted all our options and we decided to go in and see the last 2/3 of the ARCA race.

The ARCA cars flying by.

The gate sign

The media tower across the infield.
All the pre-race festivities eventually got going with a music performance and then driver intros.

Driver introductions.

A terrible picture of Matt Kenseth on his drive around.

Pace lap.

A little action on pit road.

The start and first lap.

It was a ton of fun, and we went back to our hotel for the night and left the next morning. It was certainly worth the trip.

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Re: A Trip to the 2010 Budweiser Shootout
February 11, 2010 02:54AM
Took me a while to get some time to read your report with having to apply for scholarships for Embry-Riddle, but I loved you report! Your pictures make me want to go to one of these Nascar races, as I have already been to two NHRA races up here in SEA. Also, loved the videos! How was the weather that day?

Re: A Trip to the 2010 Budweiser Shootout
February 11, 2010 04:24AM

How was the weather that day?
Really nice albeit windy. It did get a little cold once the sun went down but once they were running it's hard to notice anything but the action on the track.

Your pictures make me want to go to one of these Nascar races
Even more fun for you since there would be some travel involved. The nearest Sprint Cup race to Seattle is at Infineon just north of San Francisco. It's a cool track (though I could say more for the racing action since it's a road course). I actually went there the first time I was in SFO.

Studying aviation are we?

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Re: A Trip to the 2010 Budweiser Shootout
February 12, 2010 12:48AM
I also used to live pretty close to the California Speedway in Fontana, CA. Very close to ONT and you can see the race track on final approach.

And yes, I'm studying the commerical pilot thing at either Embry-Riddle or Central Washington U. winking smiley Split over 4 years and after that, it's straight to the regionals where I build hours as a F/O then upgrade to a Captain and build more hours. Hopefully it'll be straight to WN after that!

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