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Delta/NWA merger

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Delta/NWA merger
May 05, 2008 09:28PM
So, Everyone knows about DL/NWA by know. They are still awaithing approval. The big questions are what to do with the fleet (Airbus). I would imagine the most financially-viable solution would be keep the 320's and 330's. I would imagine it would be a while unitl the whole fleet is painted into DL livery. (I saw a 'Bowling Shoe' 320 just a few weeks ago!)

Anyone else's thoughts?

Re: Delta/NWA merger
May 31, 2008 02:26PM
Well, get rid of the MD80s or whatever they call them.

With the airbusses yes they should keep them, but the 330s are aging now but they just need some renovating and stuff.

Delta's livery is due to get a redo (lol that rhymes tongue sticking out smiley)

But its still very nice.

Yes. THere. 0 replys now became 1 reply. Congratu-bloody-lations!!!

I like planes. How about you?
Ashil Mistry.
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