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Rules and recommendations
Anyone can add photos to our photo database.

You may only upload images you have modified yourself. For any images you upload, you must have permission from the photographer or the person who created the template. The name and email address of this person must then be listed in the correct fields on the upload page (these will never be made public).

If you do not have permission to edit an image, you must not upload it.


  1. The image must be relevant for this site (aviation related).
  2. Image size should be about 1024x768 or 800x600 in jpeg format. The higher quality, the better.
  3. File size should not exceed 300kb. Preferably closer to 100-150kb.
  4. Please don't send images with date-stamps, logos, copyright marks, aircraft/airline names etc.
  5. Images should not be political or offensive.
  6. There should only be one aircraft per image.
  7. Cabin modifications should be as realistic as possible and should show a significant part of the cabin, not just a seat for example.
  8. The comment field should be informative (which means not writing "This is a nice photo") and should not contain URLs or adverts. Leave empty if you have no comments.
  9. Photos can be rejected. If this happens, you will receive an email containing the reason why your image was not approved.
  10. Ask your fellow uploaders and visitors for advice and constructive criticism in our discussion forum.

Make sure you're sending the correct file!

I have read, understood and agree to the above.

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